OPEN LETTER to the authors of the open letter to FD

We, the open letter to the authors of the open letter to FD authors, speaking on behalf of the community, demand to know the contents of the private conversations between said authors and Zac.

As we understand, some or all of the authors of the open letter have had conversation with FD based on this statement by ryan_m

We have spoken to Zac privately and have some timelines that we will be following closely for progress.
We find this lack of open communication by those who claim to represent the community and are themselves demanding more open communication from FD, frankly speaking, disturbing.

We demand that the contents of those discussions are published publicly for consumption by the community and not locked away behind closed doors.


CMDR Agony Aunt (chief whip)
CMDR Plate (Spokesperson for the make Powerplay Solo movement)
CMDR Fork (DCS, AEF, and FOB)
CMDR Spoon (influencer)
CMDR Knife (PvP spokesperson)
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