Powerplay open sucks

It is... I'm FRC (FUC) , we power play in open. Its actually an example of how power play should be played. we ( pledged CMDRs from rival powers) should be constant at each others throats:)
Haha, I strongly suspected but you never can tell these days lol

The Replicated Man

I was ganked in open after months of play. Apparently some people believe that flying a heavily armed combat ship in a contested system while being pledged is enough of an excuse. I'm sick of being someone else "emergent content". I'm going to report them to Fdev.... real soon now.

Have a great day everyone.
Doesn't your own signature message countermand this statement?

Why are you ignoring your own advice lmao?

Aand just realized this was an april fools prank. Damn! I was hoping for a 16 page thread full of arguments, armchair psychologists and salt. Instead I have a joke lol!

Good one m8
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