Out of Fuel? - Explorer Rescue Service, The Fuel Rats

Here's the ship to use for the further out jobs:


Its just a fuel tank
with a cockpit and some thrusters bolted on.
So I'm not alone in the galaxy in loving my Hauler. I like you.

Picking my way back from Sgr A* right now, once I get back into the bubble, I might give the old girl a break and upgrade to a larger ship, kitting that out to be a fuel tanker could be interesting. We'll see once I'm back at Sol sipping a beer.

Yeah, pretty sure I am going to keep the Hauler as my exploration ship.

The only thing I dislike about the Hauler are the pedestrian air vents on the dash; reminds me of a mini-van. Space shuttle meets mini-van.

Let's start an Exploration Hauler Lovers club.
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suggestion to OP : would it make sense for stranded pilots to only post location to about 250-1000 LY from their actual location ? (as we can cover 1000LY in less than 40 mins)
This gives :
1. A rough location for us to look up to see if we can attend.
2. Stops idiots from finding the stranded pilot ?
Sign me up as well.
I like the idea and would love to help out if needed, though based on how I see my near future playtime, I might not be of much use. (RL time-tax and all...)
This looks interesting....
Speed run out to help, explore on the way back, nice.

Cmdr Gimi

Not sure how relevant it is, as most explorers seem to be very concious of their fuel levels. I know I am.
Has anyone actually been stuck while exploring for the lack of fuel.

Mostly Noobs!
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