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No, just someone who would like to be able to find new ideas on this forum instead of the same few dozen topics being repeatedly discussed to death.

Word has it that will be the official name for a Fleet Carrier...
While I would be disappointed if that was the case, at least we would have an answer as to where the Panther Clipper is.
I thought about the Panther Clipper as a Fleet Carrier too, because in some concept art you can see ships departing from it.
But I would be upset because I always expected to fly the Panther Clipper by myself from a huge deck. Not just clicking in the galmap to make it jump.

To be honest, what would a Panther have that a T10 or a Beluga lack? Any bigger than those and you prolly have to lube the thing in order to get it out of a station.
A much higher capacity, Class 8 FSD. Plenty of room for a huge class ship to fit through the access corridor and park on a L-Pad. Length and height have been maxed out with the Beluga, lots of room for a wider freighter.

Essentially a big flying box, as shown in the Horizons screenshot
panther freighter.jpg
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Is there? I thought the width of T10 was pretty much all an L pad could bear. What I gather from screenies that is, I never had one.

T-10 is reaching the max when it comes to width, the T-10 & T9 length wise are quite short. I mentioned the beluga because height and length are near max. In fact height is beyond max, hence the clipping, but that is just the tail fins.
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