News PAX East 2019 - Frontier Meet Announcement

I had so much fun at this last year! Hopefully looking forward to seeing everyone again! And making new friends!

I will be there of course. Can not miss another meet up.

Any chance I could bring my portable setup to stream the community meet an greet along with some distant worlds 2 travel?

Have fun guys! CMDR Macebyte and I are sitting out this year after having attended the past two years :)

Didnt they reveal the road map for beyond at the last PAX or was that the year before?

No reveals at the PAX Meet-ups, just an drinks, appetizers, and a chance to meet people.

It's really nice if you also plan to attend PAX, or visit Boston, but we've done pax so many times previously we've had our fill :-D

Have fun all!

CMDR Greylock
I was getting excited and wanted to sign up, but alas looking at the calendar this is a weeknight and I am over an hour away; other worldly responsibilities prevent me from attending. Hopefully next year.
Hello folks,

The first set of tickets have been emailed out to those who signed up. Please confirm these invitations (via Eventbrite) to receive your tickets!

I see that the Date for the event is for April 5th is this a typo cause Pax East would be over by then. Just want to know. If not it gives me some time to get things in order until then. It should be a fun night along with my stream setup so everyone can enjoy the event if they could not attend. My stream will be streamed to both Mixer & Twitch. Everyone is welcome to say hello to the community. Hope to see everyone there.
I still have my pax east paint job from last year. Do they look something like this will or a new design?


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