Piracy related module

At this current time I have noticed that NPCs still don't care that their power plant is destroyed and act as if they still have one, which can be a nuisance to deal with especially in piracy. So to try and avoid this bug I suggest that a new module that could directly transfer cargo between a chosen ship and you. It would work by aligning your cargo hatch with theirs and then locking your ship with theirs. This would then activate a hacking sequence similar to hatch breakers but would take much longer to work, and could require a skill system similar to displacement missiles. After the hacking is finished you would be able to either take their cargo or transfer cargo to them, similarly to how transferring cargo between your ship and srv currently works. To stop hatch breaking from becoming useless this module could either be limited to larger module comparments e.g. 7/8. Or only be available to ships that can fit a fighter bay. Furthermore, to help with slowing down ships that have had their thrusters disabled a grappling hook (which is actually in the games lore, featured in elite: reclamation) could be added to decrease a ships speed.
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