Patch Notes Planet Coaster: Console Edition - 1.3.2 Update Notes!

Ah remember the old days where games weren't allowed to crash on console because there was no way of patching them...

I do. A few crashes and bugs here and there is understandable. Bigger games, cost cutting to try and keep prices low, smaller teams trying to make "AAA" games. All that stuff means an acceptable level of "unpolished" is going to happen. I played PlanCo for maybe 30 minutes yesterday. Crashed 4 times. That is not o.k.
Just wanted to report that I am getting constant crashes on Xbox Series X. I have been downloading parks from the Frontier Workshop. Once I load a park, I check it out for about 20-30 minutes, ride a few of the coasters and just check out what people are creating. I also check the Limit Percent to see how much of it people are using. Once I am done, I hit the Start/Select button and use the Quit to Main Menu, this is when the game crashes. I had this happen 3 times last night. It goes to the splash screen that you normally see with the ferris wheel spinning and sometimes it just sits there spinning with music playing and nothing happens, other times the wheel is spinning and music is playing and then both stop and the screen just stays stuck and other times if I let it sit for a bit it crashes to the Xbox desktop.

Frontier, you need to fix this. Game is not playable if it crashes when you try to do something. I hope I explained how it is crashing for me so it is easy for the devs to understand and hopefully address this. If you need further information or anything please let me know. I want to enjoy playing the game and am willing to help in whatever way you need to give feedback to address this.
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