1. P

    Connection Problems Post Update Yesterday

    Hi All, I am getting a could not find server Error Code Orange Sidewinder message when going into continue open play. Loads up fine and have not had this problem before, any thoughts?
  2. E

    Odyssey crashes after motherload explosion...

    easy to reproduce: 1. starting in solo 2. blow up a motherlode in LHS 2522 6 in the monzanite hotspot. 3. game crashes 4. EVERY F.C.I.G time when i start it and join solo, it immediately crashes... good job FD... I had not had one crash before that crappy patch....
  3. C

    Patch soon?

    Did I hear there was a patch imminent as in tomorrow? I can't find any announcements of such.
  4. Update 1.4.2 Out Now! 🦦

    Hayo Zookeepers! Thanks for sharing all your awesome feedback following the Aquatic Pack! It's been wonderful for us to see you get acquainted with the new animals, and we've loved seeing you create habitats for them. We'd also like to thank you for sharing any issues you've come across; we're...
  5. Patch Notes Planet Coaster: Console Edition - 1.3.2 Update Notes!

    Hayo PlanCo Fam! We hope you've been enjoying Planet Coaster: Console Edition on both current and next-gen consoles! It’s been incredible seeing all of your awesome blueprints and parks on the Frontier Workshop, as well as your fantastic screenshots and videos online - show us what you’ve been...
  6. X

    New Update won't take

    I need some help understanding this. I just got ED 2 days ago so please bear with me. I restarted my computer and steam downloaded an update for ED. However whenever I open ED it gives me the error for needing an update. I have restarted twice after and nothing has changed. What do I need to do...
  7. P

    Buildings & Attractions Could we please increase the area of effect of the Advanced Storm Station?

    Very rarely do I ever use the advanced storm station in the game. It was introduced in the secrets of Dr.Wu DLC as an exclusive building. I never did like it because despite the near perfect protection it provides, it barely does protect the buildings around it as the radius would affect very...
  8. L

    Dinosaurs Buildings & Attractions General Gameplay A JPOG throwback ?

    Ide like to see a return of some features that really made JPOG the best park builder I've ever played . And why these features would make the already amazing game a bit better. 1. Dino decay , let's see them rot. In jpog I always liked to see my Raptors and ceratos come up to one of my rex...
  9. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    [PSA] Back up your bindings!

    Update next week. You've been warned. 😛 Don't ask me how, because I just use the default Xbox Gamepad bindings. 😁
  10. O

    unpleasant changes in old zoo

    I`m playing Plant Zoo since it was released and had a lot of fun with Franchise mode. After the last update my beloved zoo with 7900 to 8000 visitors which earned a lot of money in the last years is running into bankruptcy. Before the patch I earned 40 000$ now I`m loosing 30 000$ each year...
  11. GhostFish

    I think the grouping update is working!

    I've noticed that after the patch, my herbivores are definitely spending more time in the same vicinity - I'm also noticing that babies are much closer to their mom than they used to be, and they'll follow her around - I've seen this with lions, zebra, black bears, african wild dogs, and timber...
  12. Hully333

    Frontier missing a trick....

    Instead of releasing the patches with patch notes of what Frontier have introduced into the game why not have some in-game Tech Corporation release news through GALNET that they are working on some tech and eventually release it through GALNET. Thus giving the game a greater evolving feel rather...
  13. Perjoss

    Exploration Changes

    I haven't played in a while and I'm thinking of making a return for the new patch. I'm just curious how any new exploration changes (if any) will affect any expeditions in progress. If I remember correctly I was well on my way to Sagittarius A, pretty close to arriving there I think. Will the...
  14. Yamiks

    [Video] Beyond 3.2 chapter three RECAP in 4 minutes
  15. Wildcard


    Dear Fdev, While I am highly PO'd at you all I am attempting to keep my cool, but every single f"*** time you folks patch this game you screw up every single last custom key binding config I have, for all of my configs, for KeyBoard and mouse, Flight Stick and Hotas, Steam Controller, and xBox...
  16. Swizzy o7o7

    Quadruple Healing Beam Rate!

    Right now, healing beams are under-powered. We can see this, because even with a fully A-rated, engineered Cutter, you can still lose shield generation percentage, EVEN WHEN BEING HEALED. How absurd is that? I should be able to farm engineering materials, merits, credits, SLF pilot rank...
  17. T

    A Rant on Post patch instability.

    This is getting beyond the point of now. Wanted ships putting fat bounties on my head, NPC's that are so you can trick them into suicide, a ist of BUGS so damn long it would fill a cathedral, terrible multiplayer connection and utterly inane content. The saving grace of this Beyond...
  18. Endskull

    A way to include Blue

    So I was thinking about a fun way to include new skins in the game that doesn't involve micro transactions, and I remembered a particuliar game some of you may know : Battle For Middle Earth 2. In this game, Gollum would randomly appear on the map and you have to send your army to kill him and...
  19. Release Notes PS4 1.1.2, XB1 1.1.1 Update

    Hi All, This morning we have released an update to the Xbox One and Playstation 4. This update does not apply to PC/Desktop. Here is the changes / updates for this version... Stability fixes Performance & Quality improvements As always, please report any issues found to our bug reporting...
  20. Kyra Mystique

    MobiusXUS group members?

    Participating in the CG this week at Ross 310? Our wing is there fighting alongside the Natural Services faction in the Mobius private group. We're night owls, so we're usually on in the wee hours. Our wing is Snow Crash and can be found on both INARA and in the Xbone Clubs. Hope to see you...
  21. n13L5

    Had rock solid connection, after patch suddenly continual match maker disconnects..?!?

    Anyone else having issues staying connected since the patch? Since then, I keep getting disconnected. Usually with a match maker error - or I was making coffee and didn't see the message, but disconnected on main menu and now, it says "can't connect", but nothing on my computer has changed, I...
  22. I

    Mission list expired

    Hey guys anyone else struggling to accept missions getting messages saying server list expired in I right in thinking that Fdev are doing a live patch of skimmer missions
  23. T

    Empty cargo racks have mass now

    I am sure some of you have noticed that empty cargo racks now have mass and will affect handling and jump range. This is only since the latest patch (3.0) but there wasn't anything in the patch notes. Could FDev please confirm if this was intended and why?
  24. Patch Notes Update Update 2.4.06

    Greetings commanders, today we have an update for our Xbox commanders... Xbox One X! Here are the patch notes for this update. New in 2.4.06 Xbox One X support. Xbox One X features Quality/Performance options. 1080p/4k resolution options. Check out Edward Lewis's announcement here...
  25. D

    Patch Notes Update Update 2.4.04 - PS4 Only

    Hi all, Just to let you all know that we're performing an update today to apply a fix for an issue where textures would sometimes display at lower resolutions than intended on PlayStation 4. This will begin from 15:00 BST. Downtime is expected to last around 10-15 minutes. Thanks CMDRs o7
  26. Patch Notes Update 2.4 The Return - Update 2.4.03

    Greetings commanders, At 11AM BST (30 minutes from this posting!), we will be taking the Elite Galaxy servers offline for 30 minutes for update 2.4.03! Below are the changes and fixes for this update. Companion API Fixed ship prices sometimes not being returned from /shipyard Factions...
  27. Edward Lewis

    Patch Notes Update 2.4 The Return - Update 2.4.02 - Downtime scheduled

    Hi everyone, The Elite Dangerous galaxy servers will be down for PC for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The updates will go live to PS4 and Xbox One at a later date (I'll confirm the date ASAP) - the console versions of the game will not be affected by this downtime. The change log will...
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