Planet Coaster: Console Edition, coming Summer 2020!

If Nintendo comes out with another next-gen console, then maybe Planet Coaster could get ported there.

Never ever....
Nintendo was, is and will be a console for mainly Mario and Pokemon style games.

Nintendo's audience in general has no focus on high end games.

Next one will be asking for PC for iphone.

Just think about it...
They would have been mad not to do it.
Will the games also be released on the ps5 and Xbox x?

I could do with a quality of life upgrade.
I think that one of the pillars of Planet Coaster is the great possibility to create and share new content being able to create representations of such emblematic parks like DisneyLand with its attractions.
This is possible thanks to the tool thememakers-toolkit, the Steam workshop and the tool to add video, audio and images to billboards and other tool settings.

  • Will it be possible to import audio, image or video files as in the computer version?
  • Will it be possible to use tools to create and share new creations from outside the game, like thememakers-toolkit and workshop?

Thanks a lot.
I dream with my own DisneyLand :D
Planet Coaster: Console Edition will be the game you know and love, with free content and features added since original launch. There will be some variations to cater specifically to console players, however.
Good to know, just wanted to make sure all these nice little options are in there to use. I will keep using the PC version but also get the console version just to relax and play on the big screen in 4k :)
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