Planet Coaster's Future? Planet Zoo!

This is an INSULT to all fans of Planet Coaster that have spent some more than thousand hours in the game, and have bought all the DLC's.
Please don't try to act as if you are speaking for ALL of us, you are merely speaking for yourself. Because you certainly don't speak for me (and others)
Once again I explain why I don't want the two games combined. This is my post from my topic above.
As much as people say how awesome it would be to combine both games, I wouldn't want this. Planet Coaster is cpu heavy as and merging the two games would probably crash the game or give us very little fps. Plus, with Planet Zoo being a separate game, they can go more in depth, and make it the best Zoo game out there. If they merge the two games together we would have less from Planet Zoo than if it was separate and some things that are already in the game wouldn't be possible in Planet Coaster like better water physics, weather, and etc. We don't want a repeat of RCT3 Wild which I thought would be awesome to have both zoo and theme park together, but turned out to be crappy and only ended up using the rides for the game. The zoo aspect of it was crap and ended up getting ZT2 which I absolutely played the crap out of it. We want a better ZT2 and not a repeat of RCT3 Wild. Hopefully now people will understand why we don't want to integrate the two games together. It'll literally ruin the game even though it sounds nice.
Apparently you are speaking for other people as well...ok so YOU the voice of the community? ok, i see.
And you don't know what i know. You are only guessing. I have been on a pc since the Vic 64. I could have bought the Vic 20, but i wanted raw power.
No, i merely speak for myself, i'm neither the voice of a community nor do i see myself as such. Again you are just making assumptions that have no factual foundation.

that's good for you, but in terms of game design or computational power there is nothing you could surprise me with.
I'm a independent 3D artist with 20 years experience in the field. I'm responsible for the most detailed 3D model
that was ever build for a real theme park and i get consulted by quite a few big names in the industry.
But that's nothing i need to brag about, it's my passion.
Just correcting your baseless assumptions as you seem to think you are somehow an expert who speaks for all of us.
I will for example NOT buy it.
BUT i would have bought it if it was an expansion to PC though, so maybe they will lose money on it... Lets hope so.
Frontier should have improved the performance of planco FIRST instead of spending time on other products. I bought a new PC with a RTX 2080 Card just to run the game better. Runs like a snail in glue with a broken shell, in some big parks.. Or if there is to many guests. I wanted to cry.

A Frontier Meeting= Making PLANCO run better will EARN us, hmm let see now....0 Dollars. What, ZERO dollars!!?....ok Screw them then.
You won't buy it, ok that's fine it's your decision. And I'm sure there are many who will buy it given it's a standalone game when they wouldn't have if it was an expansion. You win some, you lose some... The fact you're hoping they make a loss doesn't reflect well on you, bit immature if you ask me. This is a business, not a charity - if they're trying to build their portfolio that is never a bad thing. Comments like 'Frontier should have improved the performance of planco FIRST instead of spending time on other products.' just make no sense. Be realistic in your expectations, the days of RCT-style expansions are long gone. Do you not consider for one moment that having it as an expansion would restrict the game at all?
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I like that Frontier are working on new games. I can't wait for Planet Zoo. If Frontier added a zoo DLC for Planet Coaster I think the performance of Planet Coaster would've gotten worse.
Thanks Paul for confirming that Planet Coaster will continue with new content. Planet Coaster is my favorite game.
Except he didn't say that.

He just said it's an important game and they have supported it.
No word of whether they will do in the future.

I think it's obvious this signals the slow down of Planet Coaster releases.
So having not visited this forum in a couple of weeks... boy did it give me a good laugh reading some of the replies! I'll address two main concerns of mines, because i don't like the way some replies seem to speak for the whole community when we all have separate opinions. My first one is the fact this isn't a DLC for Planco, but instead a stand alone game. Yes at first i was sceptical, i wanted Planco to have as many DLC's/Expansions as was possible... but when you sit down and actually think about it for a minute you begin to realise why a whole new game is beneficial not just to Frontier from a business perspective but us as the consumer. With a new game it will "hopefully" correct or improve on issues that we see in Planco, if they are pulled over to the game. There will be new mechanics and management systems that would be impossible to bring into Planco without re-writing its core code. Improved AI, graphics and with rides (mostly) out of the equation it will allow them to go really into detail with the animals just like they did with rides in Planco. Personally i prefer this. I want a good game that will work well, perform well and offer a ton of content to me. This would only be possible with a new game. Merging the two together, unlike the RCT3 days, its a recipe for disaster. My second point and final point in this post is that when people are using "We", "All of us" or "PC Players"... just remember that no, your opinions or arguments are not what I think. I can speak for myself here and I'm sure many others can as well but while i sit on the sidelines and hardly post here, i do read everything. There's been lots said in here that agree with and disagree with, but these posts that come across as if you're a speaker for the people and its your opinion or no ones... Stop.

In conclusion, yes some are let down its not a DLC and some like me are thankful its a new game - Either way Frontier is an awesome and unique team of developers who personally i think do not get enough credit for the detail and love they put into their games. Its for that reason i think we should all be confident that Planet Zoo will be an amazing game when it arrives and that Planet Coaster, whether it's reaching its end or if there is more to come, will continue to be an amazing game.

Not many developers care about player feedback, not many give us the frequency of updates or DLCs like Frontier do and not many of them are capable of creating ambitious yet memorable games... But Frontier are and always have been. ❤

Hurry up and give us some info on that Zoo!!
You have to agree along with the rest of us though, game needs much more depth in the management area.
Yes of course it does... no matter how much or little they add in management though it will never please everyone. Some like the "unlimited" world of sandbox, some like the full on manager head mode. I think we get the best of both worlds as it is but i wouldn't complain if they added more into the management.
Personally I bought PC at Beta for hype surrounding the management challenges, which turned out to be totally unchallenging. I am not a creative person TBH, I did dabble a little building a Northampton Castle Themed Park it made money very quickly and became a success easily, then once I had done that it was time to build another park....erm NO NOT FOR ME THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
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