News Player Factions - Faction Description Update

Will Flanagan

Product Manager
Hello Commanders,

We hope you’ve been enjoying using the new faction application system.

As it currently stands, we are able to incorporate player factions into the game without the need of downtime or a client update. Faction descriptions, however, will not appear in the game until a manual point update. As a result and in preparation for the Chapter Four update, after October 8 we will not be able to add faction descriptions to the game until the next update (post Chapter Four).

Factions can still be added to the game, and that automated process will not be affected, you just won’t see the faction descriptions until the following manual update.

Thanks for your understanding.
Most likely beta will be after October 8 where they will add the faction descriptions and will roll the same build as final version without adding anything
Only four guys working on exploration content? I don't even want to ask where you got that number from.

Also saying that the Q4 updates are always the worst is just ridiculous when we're talking about Elite.

You don't know what 3.3 will contain, but you're damn sure you'll hate it.

Shouldn't A. Kwak be the exact opposite?
I knew there was a reason why Kwak is on my ignore list. He sure lives up to his moniker.
Holidays for the three peoples involved in the game development? :rolleyes:


Morale is great internally, they're hyped for the community's response when 3.3 is demoed and goes live. The Elite Dangerous devroom has 100 people (+- 5) for gameplay/content creation; this excludes QA, audio recording, trailer team, website, etc who were in a different area.

ObsidianAnt & DJ: 'Half a floor' of the new building for ED, told they were 'dedicated to ED', and not including QA testers, HR etc
I've sent various applications to update our ingame description for a couple of years now. Our current description actually causes us problems from time to time since the 13th Legion split off from us in December 2015. Sometimes folks come looking for us hoping to hurt them. I've been told 'I'll deal with this personally' a few times. We wrote a more generic description to handle changes to player faction in the upcoming years without the need to rewrite it further years ago now. Still nada.
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