Please add Russian language to the Planet Coaster

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Hello, could you tell me please, can we hope to see translation Planet Coaster into Russian? I know English well, but it's still hard to play. Other your projects (like Jurassic world evolution and Planet Zoo) have been translated into Russian. Can you translate Planet Coaster too (at least the text)?
Good day!
I, like many thirsty ones, really want the Russian language to finally appear in Planet Coaster.
It is very difficult to play a game with the economy when there is a mouse in one hand and a translator in the other =)

P.s. Take a look at the Steam page in the game, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how many Russian-speaking fans are waiting for the translation, as we are.

Regards, Rekistell.
Привет разработчикам этой красивой игры!

Я искренне прошу вас добавить наконец Ru-локализацию, она нам очень нужна. С последними обновлениями у нас была удалена возможность использовать любительский crack (не полный)
Есть много поклонников этой игры в российском сегменте, но у большинства игроков есть проблемы с иностранным языком.
Мы хотели бы увидеть перевод игры в ближайшее время!
Даже если она любительская, с ошибками. Главное-дать это понять!
В отзывах Steam неоднократно спрашивали об этом с момента выхода игры..

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Hello to the developers of this beautiful game!

I sincerely ask you to add finally Ru-localization, we really need it. With the latest updates, we have removed the ability to use amateur crack (not full)
There are many fans of this game in the Russian segment, but most players have problems with a foreign language.
We would like to see the translation of the game soon!
Even if she is amateurish, with errors. The main thing is to make it clear!
Steam reviews have repeatedly asked about this since the release of the game ..
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Hello, dear Frontier! Today i bought the “Planet coaster” and now I join the general request to add the Russian language! It would be doubly more fun to play this game. Please don’t forget about us, your Russian fans! Best wishes to your team :)
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