Please FD, just roll it back. We can all wait for it to be ready...

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I was about to give the new patch a try today, but I think imma just uninstall until one of the following happens...

Odyssey works as well as Horizons
Odyssey is rescinded and we go back to Horizons until above criteria is met, so at least the playerbase isn't totally fractured.

Even shooting weapons is broken...


Disclaimer, to avoid arrogant people thinking that I am trying to speak for them by inserting themselves into every 'we' ever. 'We' in this case, is my squad, most people who frequent my discord (about 200 skilled, active players), everyone I know who plays BGS to any decent level, and a whole bunch of random people I've discussed it with. Every 'we' does not have to cover every population, otherwise every statement of 'we' ever made would by necessity include the whole human race.

How are you moving your pips so fluidly? Looks like you hold a button down and it does it automatically fast for you.
Disclaimer, to avoid arrogant people thinking that I am trying to speak for them by inserting themselves into every 'we' ever. 'We' in this case, is my squad, most people who frequent my discord (about 200 skilled, active players), everyone I know who plays BGS to any decent level, and a whole bunch of random people I've discussed it with. Every 'we' does not have to cover every population, otherwise every statement of 'we' ever made would by necessity include the whole human race.

Ah, I see. Your WE are all the people who matter for you. I'm just the "arrogant" people then. Bye btw. Any Stuph to haz? I confess, that was stuphid. :giggle:
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Roll back? Now that my Aphelion is G5?
It would still be g5 when odyssey was rereleased, there are clearly 2 different separate games here. :)
for some of us, loss has totaled over a year of bgs effort

it is not a fair thing to write off a new EDO players weeks of effort.
Seems perfectly ok to destroy over a years effort for a 2014 veteran though.
as well as remove any desire to ever invest effort or money ever again in anything this company ever makes.
Well said
Why broken? The fireworks are a new feature to celebrate Odyssesy! Don't you like it?

Actually it would be nice if we could be able to activate and deactivate this hit indicator fireworks somwhere alongside weapon colors maybe.
The reticle is not behaving correctly, it is literally miles away from where it should be, when this happens you can't land shots unless you shoot blind. :)
Never ever ever ever gonna happen, ever.

But, If there's enough demand, maybe :p Oh wait.. that didn't go too well for ship interiors.

Besides, I wouldn't want it rolling back, never go back, only forward.
See post at the bottom of this.
Imagine how different this thread would have gone if the title stated "Myself and my squad" rather than "We and All"
It would have lost all its impact and a lot less people would have seen it. ;)
besides it already once or more stated that the game was a shell and connected to a working game.
it has caused havoc and grief because it was so poorly integrated.

first proof was simply the very very long list of things that did not work at all, let alone correctly. Soooo much pointed out in the alpha, then ignored.
then on day 1 of release, pointed out that it was actually worse, but is now connected Live to/with Horizons, destroying the current BGS and bringing many new bugs to horizons as well. An utter shambles.
Current overwhelming Proof is the list of fixes that have been displayed so far.

Rolling it back sadly won't make any difference to anything unless they have a full backup from the day before the release.
I doubt they have that.
See post at the bottom of this
I would prefer they just roll the game forward to the part where it isn't broken anymore.

I mean, how long could it possibly take?
See post at the bottom of this
Is this legit? Please provide the names of the two worlds.
Sorry I don't have the names, it was from a friend of a friend. He was really excited to find an obvious dried up riverbed, feeling pleased he headed off to another planet, and found the exact same riverbed.
You can play Horizons any time, it's an option on the launcher. So everyone has a choice.
See post at the bottom
Who asked? lol
It's not fair to write off anyone's effort. I know the Devs said they were looking into the BGS, but I've not kept up to date with it as it's not my jam.
It's funny how you aren't noticing any problems, when they are literally everywhere. Plus you've now admitted that you don't pvp or bgs, or explore. What DO you do? I'm just curious what activity is working properly? If you go the rat catcher route and say the mediocre FPS, well, that's ok, I can't fight that. You're welcome to your opinion. Adding crappy legs and ruining the spaceship part of a spaceship game is, to me, not even something I would need to explain to someone who doesn't play the game, let alone someone who does...
This rant is still going and looks to be getting more ridiculous. Has there been any good reason given why there is supposed to be a rollback?

If the majority of people don’t like Odyssey, then they would be playing Horizons, or not playing at all. So why should Horizons players care about the state of Odyssey if allegedly nobody likes it?
See post at the bottom.
hes not having any . he is just posting his flying pvp skills for some reason .. there dont wast your time with op just report for spam and move on
It's not even my video, please try again to throw shade, its pretty funny. Most people here know my channel very well. As for reporting my post for spam, well you just reduced the value of your post to less than worthless. troll on friend. You wanna see one of mine? Something that we have lost in you go...go to these coordinates on Ariel in Odyssey and see what you find. Please. :)


We all think this demand makes no sense OP
I see whut you did thar :D

So, to those people who are saying

1) They don't want to lose odyssey progress in a rollback
There is no need for progress to be lost, there are clearly 2 different applications and databases. They simply cut access to odyssey, saving everybodys stuff as it is now, and rerelease it at a later time. In no way am I suggesting that people's progress is lost, just paused.
2) To those that say they only want it going forward not back, and to those who say they don't see the point of horizons any more, I point you to this post... and I say again... This planet generation CANNOT be allowed to stay, and DON'T FORGET that Horizons WILL get the planetary tech in the future. If you guys let FD bumble along and tweak a little here and there, we will never have canyons again, never have any unique features again, in fact, planetary exploration will be completely dead. I am very worried that if we don't send them right back to the drawing board, things will never be satisfactory again. The way the BGS has been messed up wiping out YEARS of work, borken carriers, and no doubt more stuff we haven't found yet...

To those that seem to be struggling with the concept, let me make it clear, Odyssey is broken AND has also broken Horizons. There is no selfishness in my request, it doesn't serve me either way, I preordered and I did not refund.

Furthermore, making it one game again until its ready FOR EVERYONE and UP TO SCRATCH would put us all back in the same game, playing together again. I really, really miss open space as it was before Odyssey. We paid for an upgrade and got a full and complete downgrade.

Roll it back!
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*in your opinion, not necessarily everyone else's.
*in your opinion, not necessarily everyone else's.

It would be super amazing if someone invented an online platform that would show who writes each post so people can see whose opinions are being expressed by virtue of the fact that they are the ones writing the posts. Bet there would still be some who couldn't figure it out in that case...

The autistry of this community will not be missed.
Rollback is not going to happen, it's full steam ahead and damn the Thargoids. Suspect you'll see an F1 SRV before ship interiors.
But hey, the good news is they're delaying the F1 Management Title so it will "ensure that the game can exceed players’ expectations".

How sweet. cough

"LIBERUM: Frontier Developments* - Record FY21, JWE 2 revealed for FY22

Frontier Developments Plc (FDEV:LON) | 2,628 0 0.0% | Mkt Cap: 1,034m

Frontier have delivered record revenues for FY21 that were slightly ahead of our expectations, thanks to a strong performance across all four franchises and despite the challenges that faced the recent Odyssey launch. We now know that the FY22 upcoming licensed IP game will be Jurassic World Evolution 2, a sequel to Frontier’s biggest-selling game to date that will launch later this year. Simultaneously the Board are providing prudent revenue guidance which assumes that the first F1 management title releases a month or two later to now fall in FY23 (rather than FY22), which we believe will ensure that the game can exceed players’ expectations. This leads us to moderately reduce our FY22 forecasts, whilst upgrading FY23 by 6%. The shares remain discounted versus UK peers, which we see as unjustified for the sector’s leading AAA developer."
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according this thread:

everyone doesn't care about plasma accelerators
everyone doesn't care about what the rest people think if a slice of game with serious issues doesn't apply to them
everyone gets white fever if you write everyone

everyone except Ash
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