PLS, answer me...

Hi. I have one question...
Because, for some reason you don't want to implement this thing since very beginning (despite few voices repeating from time to time) i don't want to ask you to implement it. Just answer me WHY?

Why you don't want to make "holdable" lights and landing gears?

This is important part of every other flying simulator. With such feature you can make use of on/off switches instead of single buttons. Moreover, I actually wouldn't ask for it if there weren't already such feature for other functions:
1. flight assist,
2. rotational correction,
3. silent running,
4. cargo scoop,
5. back throttle,
6. head look. It can't be that hard to make LG that way, isn't it?
So, you don't want do it? Then Don't. Just give a good reason.
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