COMPLETED CG Protect the Alliance's expansion into the Coalsack Nebula from Thargoid attack (AX Combat)

I've checked twitter, nothing. These forums, can't find anything.
All I find is people posting about them announcing it.
Hi I don't have Grade 5 Fast Boot and Increased Range Frame Shift Drive., I was in the first 10% log in log out dose't help.
Given Frontier's excellent communication skills :rolleyes:, it's about the only bench mark we can reliably use, even if irrelevant.
I actually paid attention to when the missile rack arrived (as people were talking about things being delivered on the tick) ... it arrived hours earlier. Same with the Trade FSDs. So not sure why people think they would switch to some form of BGS-tick-related delivery system for the AX one, rather than just running a script by hand like usual ...

(They also said the Eagle Eye updated on the BGS tick, that wasn't true either, etc etc etc)
And of course I'm 110LY from my carrier and heading even farther out, so it'll be a while until I can get to Outfitting. No problemo, I've waited this long, can wait a little longer.

A little longer later: Yep, It's on it's way out to Vela Dark Region. Not sure yet where I'll use it, maybe have to buy a new ship just for that, but that's for later.

So, ya think we're entitled to a little sumthin' sunthin' extra for havin' to wait a couple days extra? Huh, huh? :rolleyes:
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