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Interstellar Proletarian Vanguard
Est. 30 - 01 - 3306

What is the Interstellar Proletarian Vanguard?

The Interstellar Proletarian Vanguard (IPV) is an associate faction of Communism Interstellar (CI), a dedicated background simulation player group, and we essentially serve as the PS4 wing of CI. We are based in the HIP 91187 system, our goal is to unite communist players on PS4, and work together to bring communism to as many systems as we can.

Why join us?

If you are a communist player (or are just looking for a regularly active squadron) on PS4, that alone is a good enough reason to join, but there are many other benefits too!
  • By joining the IPV, you are by extension joining CI; one of the oldest player groups in Elite: Dangerous, an experienced player group that has over 100 members in total.
  • You will have access to the Communism Interstellar discord server, where we plan our strategies for fomenting revolutions, maintaining our current territories, and expanding our factions into more star systems.
  • You will be joining a player group that understands the background simulation like no other; and will be able to utilise our definitely not self-aware AI, Enosis, which is used to plan and co-ordinate our BGS work with maximum efficiency.
  • You will be joining a group with optional opportunities for RP immersion in terms of ship naming conventions, IDs, uniforms, and ranks. If that's not for you, you're still welcome to join and stay as independent as you like!
  • You will be joining an active group with over 20 members that usually has an active party chat on a daily basis.
  • We're not only looking for experienced pilots, new players are more than welcome to join, as we offer mentoring from our Commissar for Education.
What are the requirements for joining?

To join the IPV, you can apply to join our in-game squadron at any time as a Sympathiser. To become a Comrade, and be accepted into the squadron, you should join the CI discord server, provide proof (a screenshot) showing that you are allied to any communist faction (though preferably the IPV), and agree to follow the IPV Regulations.

If you yearn to liberate the galaxy from the clutches of capitalism, then join the Interstellar Proletarian Vanguard! Join our in-game squadron (Interstellar Proletarian Vanguard [IPVN]), and the Communism Interstellar discord today!
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IPV Ship ID Registry
The ships of the Interstellar Proletarian Vanguard are prefixed with “IPV”. IPV Naval Vessels - That is, any ship that is specifically fitted for combat, are prefixed “IPVN”.

Each commander in the IPV is assigned a unique ID which is used for all of their ships, except for rescue ships which typically use the ID “RESCUE”. IPV ship IDs are formatted as “IPV###”. Rescue ships should be named “IPV Rescue Ship ###”, where “###” represents the three-digit number used in their assigned IPV ship ID.

Note that the adoption of IPV ship naming conventions and IDs is not compulsory, but is required for rank progression.

Currently claimed ship IDs are listed below:

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IPV Official Uniform

Please note that the purchasing, and wearing of the IPV uniform is not compulsory for all members, and this is an optional choice solely for the purposes of immersion or RP. It is however required for rank progression to Commissar.​

The official uniform of the Interstellar Proletarian Vanguard is the flight suit “Challenger - Red and Black”. IPV Naval Pilots wearing this uniform may not wear other attire over their flight suit, and should display their combat rank in white upon their left shoulder. Face wear, such as glasses and helmets, remain at the individual discretion of the pilot. Examples of this uniform are displayed below.

IPV Male Uniform


IPV Female Uniform


Note: If you do not have the available ARX, the alternate uniform is Flat - Red.​
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IPV Ship ID Registry

Please note that ship prefixes and IDs are not compulsory, and this is an optional choice purely for the purposes of immersion or RP. Comrades that do adopt the system will however be given the honorary title “Official”.​

The ships of the Interstellar Proletarian Vanguard are prefixed with “I.P.V.”. IPV Naval Vessels - Federal Corvettes, Imperial Cutters, or Anacondas fitted specifically for combat, are prefixed “I.P.V.N.”. This tag may also be used by combat vessels specifically designed for PvP combat, regardless of size.

Each commander in the IPV is assigned a unique ID which is used for all of their ships, except for rescue ships which typically use the ID “RESCUE”. IPV ship IDs are formatted as “IPV###”. Currently claimed ship IDs are listed below.

Chairman Bramshevik​
Official CrimsonChocolate​
Comrade MrPerfect11​
Commissar LTLmrsSaltMaker​
Official monstermunch3184​
Commissar mithrand3r117​
Comrade Sum_German_Boi​
Sympathiser The_GrimStreaker​
Sympathiser Beskgar​
Official Klisan_katauri​

IPV Star Systems

System Name
IPV Status
HIP 91187 (Capital System)​
Alrai Sector VZ-P b5-2​
Present, 1 asset​
Col 285 Sector UK-E C12-28​
Present, no assets​
Present, no assets​

I would like to register my ship ID as IPV042 - PSN quasikrys
Thompson Port Chronicle
Latest Headlines: 27 - 04 - 3306


  • The IPV launched a spontaneous expedition to several extremely-resource rich planets some 1500ly from the bubble two weeks ago, which enabled vital engineering work to be done to several IPV Naval ships. The mission was a resounding success, and several IPV CMDRs returned home with full holds of rare raw materials and a decent amount of exploration data in tow.​
  • The IPV has peacefully transferred control of the Alrai Sector VZ-P b5-2 system from fellow CI associate faction, the Citizen Party of Chireni. The IPV has assured that it will increase security in the system, and crack down on piracy within the system's resource extraction sites. CMDR Reid6Jenna3 has been assigned as the Councillor for the system.​
  • The Chairman of the IPV, with agreement from the Central Committee of the IPV, enacted a radical change of structure within the party. A large number of inactive party members were dismissed in a controversial purge that caused concern for some. The purge cut membership in half, from 30 to 15. However, in the following days, 6 new members were recruited to the party, bringing the current membership count up to 21. "Quality over Quantity" was the rationale behind the decision, and the current levels of party activism are a clear sign that the radical changes were indeed correct.​
  • MIP-Shelby has been appointed as the Commissar for Information. Government sources refuse to comment on what such a role entails, and upon questioning the Commissar just stated the word "Intelligence", before boarding his Anaconda.​
  • The IPV Navy participated in several major CI operations across the Greater Manite Volume over the past week, helping to secure victory against the rogue imperial terrorist organisation the "Dark Armada", and their proxy factions. Chairman Bramshevik has commended the CMDRs that participated for "fighting tirelessly against the enemies of the revolution".
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Thompson Port Chronicle
Latest Headlines: 23 - 05 - 3306


  • The IPV has participated in several major military operations of key importance to Communism Interstellar over the past few weeks, with IPV Naval pilots showing unwavering commitment to not only the interests of the IPV, but to our many neighbouring Communist factions that are under the banner of Communism Interstellar.​
  • The IPV's efforts were most vital in the system of Wak, where IPV Naval pilots participated in a massive liberation effort that required the combined efforts of all of CI. Despite being greatly outnumbered by Federal pilots, CI overcame overwhelming odds, and communist strategic planning was demonstrated eloquently. On just the last day of the war alone, CI and its associates completed 110 conflict zones, submitted a total of over 74 million Credits in combat bonds, over 84 million bounty vouchers, and over 100 mission influence points. This secured victory for the Citizen Party of Grabil, and resulted in the liberation of the Wak system from Federal control and ensured the freedom for almost half a billion people. The Dark Armada, being the rogue terrorist organisation that they are, saw fit to support the Federation in the conflict, proving once and for all that they only pay lip service to the Empire for their own benefit.​
  • The IPV has expanded to the system of Wakakaduvul, the closest inhabited star system to the home system of HIP 91187. The IPV once again finds itself in an election with Labour of HIP 91187, and as predicted by political analysts, exit polls show that the IPV is once again on course to take a system from Labour, and raise the red banner over another star system.​
  • IPV enacted the 3306 Security Act earlier this month, which details procedures for safeguarding IPV systems from potential subversive elements. The act functions as both a security measure and recruitment tool, detailing procedures that IPV Naval pilots and patrols should follow when encountering unknown CMDRs in IPV space.
  • CMDR white_purr was promoted to the position of Councillor of the Col 285 Sector UK-E c12-28 system in response to his continued dedication to the advancement of the IPV. He was, however, too preoccupied with onionhead to give a formal statement.
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IPV Special Announcement

After almost four months of our continued existence, the IPV is proud to announce that we have finally been able to get our own unique emblem! Until now, IPV has been using a formerly proposed logo that was suggested for Communism Interstellar a good long while ago. However, we now have our own logo to proudly display that is unique to our identity. A cogwheel, a symbol of industry, surrounds the gas giant which our industrial home station Thompson Port orbits. Upon the planet is the red flag, the unmistakable symbol of socialism/communism. Above, is inscribed the full name of the IPV, Interstellar Proletarian Vanguard, and below is the date on which the IPV was founded.

A huge thank you to Comrade CMDR SigMa77 of CI for creating the logo over several revised versions, and ensuring it was perfect!

Our old logo, for posterity:


And our new logo, which depending on when you read this, should be plastered everywhere:

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