Quick and dirty docking guide for controller users

Here is a quick and dirty guide to docking for controller/gamepad users:

Setting up your gamepad or controller:
- set vertical and horizontal thrusters to directional buttons
- set yaw/pitch/roll to thumbsticks however you prefer. I have p/r on right stick, yaw on left
- set throttle up/down wherever you like

Before entering the station:
- REQUEST DOCKING PERMISSION from the in-game UI panel on the left, under Contacts. Find the station, click on it, and request docking. If you enter a station without permission, it's a 300cr fine :eek:
- TURN ON ROTATIONAL CORRECTION from in-game UI panel on the right <- nightmare without this
- DEPLOY LANDING GEAR can be done at any time, but better to do it early

Enter station, fly roughly above the assigned landing pad, your belly facing it. The # is visible on your HUD above the radar, and you just have to find the same # inside the station.

From now on, mainly use thrusters (directional buttons) and throttle. Only use roll and pitch to re-align your attitude with the landing pad, and only if necessary.

Use your horizontal thrusters and throttle to align better over the landing pad. When you're better aligned use your vertical thruster only to go towards it.

When your radar changes to a docking guide, use your thrusters and throttle to align on top of the target. It will change to blue when you're in the right position, although you can be slightly off and it will still dock.

Do final correction for roll and pitch, doesn't have to be exact. Use vertical directional thruster to push you gently down to the pad.

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