Quick Draw: We need to shoot through hitboxes


I'm directing this post to the devs of PC. I want to pass on some disappointment and feedback when it comes to Quick Draw and The Ghostbusters Experience.

Firstly, I was really excited about the prospects of these rides and I think you guys have done a great job designing/building them but I am very sad to see that targets cannot be shot by the player when they're placed within the large hitboxes of animatronics, nor when they're behind them either.

This has stopped me from realising any of my ideas for my Quick Draw ride which had targets placed behind trap doors, behind moving spiked logs and within the mouth of a stationary alligator (and so on). It's really limiting. I can understand why it is the way it is on a technical level but in this instance, I think you need to break the game a little bit in order to make these rides/experience fun. It holds back our creativity (which is contrary to what the rest of the game does in other areas).

All the best,
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