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Welcome, this thread is for progress screenshots of my tremendous(ly tedious) long-term park project.
The basic concept for the park was done in 2017,
some smaller sections of the park were also already built in 2017/2018.
But "Official" groundbreaking only began in early 2019.
I kept the progress secret so far as i wanted to surprise you with a finished park, however, Since it will be at least another year until i can finish phase 1 of the project
i might as well begin to show the progress.
In phase 1 the park will be done in its "Opening Day" varnish, over time i will expand the park with several more E ticket attractions and expansions,
some of which are more or less finished already,
but i want to hold these back for phase 2. This way i can focus on other details and hopefully this way i can also achieve a "open for business" look faster.
Btw, the park is the reason why i make TMTK items, most of the assets i made were done specifically for this park,
all of which took some time to make, of course, so the overall progress of this park project is pretty slow,
i seldomly copy and paste scenery and time constraints are a factor, too.

(current)(Lake Elizabeth, Wasteland Fair, Carousel of Doom)

The "cold drink" lit neon sign was just temporary, same as with some of the signage like Atomic Slush, those will be replaced by custom assets
So far this building is almost done, the entrance and exit need a bit of interior detail and i have some smaller corrections to make.
All in all i'm quite happy with the look and how it blends into the area. In the last picture you can see the restroom area and staff-only area on the far right side.
I will show some more angles in the next post. PS: Yes, those are new letters in the 3D neons alphabet. (Fresh out of the oven, best keep an eye out on my workshop) :p
This looks great, you really set up the atmosphere! I look forward to the rest of the park.

Kudos for sticking to the project for so long and creating a lot of your own (beautiful) assets.
The immediate area around the Carousel of Doom looks pretty much done, but still some more small details are missing, i want to add a few more things there.

-First picture: Center bottom is the restroom area, first aid and staff area, to the right is the entrance to the Carousel.
It all extends into the rocks and i had a very particular look in mind when i began with this section.


-Second picture: Zoomed out perspective with a glimpse of the still unfinished Train bridge in the background.


-Third picture: An aerial view of the showbuilding and the train tracks which mark the border between two subsections within the Wasteland theme.
On the far right, there is a boarded up entrance visible, this will be one of the phase 2 attractions i mentioned earlier, i will leave it like this
for the time being and first finish the Lake Elizabeth/Wasteland Fair general area before i work on the ride that is supposed to connect to the entrance there.
You can already see lots of small details, but as i mentioned, it's not done yet.

This looks great, you really set up the atmosphere! I look forward to the rest of the park.

Kudos for sticking to the project for so long and creating a lot of your own (beautiful) assets.
Thanks! Well, 'm hooked on the idea of building my own theme parks since the days of RCT1, actually, before that even.
I'm not in a rush to finish it, i'm enjoying the process :geek:

love the look of this ride theme
Thank you, wowman! :)

This is cool! It reminds me of Fallout, actually! Was that intended?
Thanks! Yes and no, the likeness certainly is leaned towards some of Fallout's design features, but despite this being a wasteland it's only an hommage to the
general atmosphere in the Fallout series, not more than that.
But there are several references to other games,too, both visual and in form of easter eggs. RDR is another design influence, for instance.
The synopsis of the themes doesn't lean on the lore of Fallout, at all.

Maybe at this point it makes sense if i post a short excerpt of the synopsis:

Wasteland City (just a temp name for now):
The heart of a suburbian city centre, located on a hill overseeing Lake Elizabeth, it once thrived for decades,
was eventually taken over by the revolutionary guards of Commander Calis.
Most of the city was destroyed during the Great Uprising and to this day it serves as a lawless sanctuary
for its sinister residents.

Wasteland Fair/Lake Elizabeth:
When the Lake almost dried out during the desertification of the Nation, the residents of Wasteland City quickly saw an opportunity.
A myserious figure, alongside his worshippers, took control over the remaining water reserves and the river feeding the tiny lake that was left.
With complete sovereignity over the only water reservoir within a 100km radius his Cult had the power to decide over the fate
of every human and animal being in the vicinity. In order to keep the poor souls entertained and to mask their own sinister motives
they eventually began to reassemble some attractions from an abandoned nearby fairground.


May 2019 vs. June 2020

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