Randomized Animations

So I love how you can add a lot of props and "manipulate" them to change the way they look, that can add a more realistic look our creations.

There is this just one thing I noticed since I started playing, even though there are a lot of animations for the animals, I feel like they kinda get repeated and and it kinda ruin our effort to disguise the buildings patterns. As we all try to turn it more realistic, I wish you could put some effort with helping us with what we cannot change in the game.

This only happen when all the animals from a specie go to sleep.
They all sleep to the same side and same position and face to the same way.
I believe you could randomize the side they sleep on and if you could mess a bit with the pathfinding so that they wont face all the same way when sleeping.

That would be a huge minor change that I believe would turn the game more realistic.

Hope you liked my suggestion, wish you all well!!
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