1. G

    “Camp Cretaceous” Chaos Theory scenario idea

    Normally I would wait until sometime after the game launches, so that way I can know what is or isn’t in it and how the current stuff works for the few JWE2 ideas/suggestions I already have in mind for a while. But this is an exceptional circumstance, based on what is already known. So I am...
  2. J

    Update 1.8 and December 2021 Features and Changes - Wishlist

    Hello everyone, Thanks for the feedback on my previous post regarding multiple habitat gates and secondary staff gates so that we can create more realistic habitats, especially those of us that like to recreate real-world zoos and wildlife parks. Unfortunately, there weren’t any features...
  3. J

    Oops the page you're looking for doesn't exist

    Why is this the message I see every time I click on a support link? please. I really just want to know how to get the game to launch through steam. I purchased the original back in 2016 with all the things available through steam. Horizons/Season Pass/Commander Pack, all of it. When I launch the...
  4. Eletan888

    What do think is coming to Planet Zoo this month?

    Just wanted to get people thought or ideas of what's coming next to Planet Zoo. I'd like to keep this thread fairly realistic of what could actually come to the game. Please if you leave pack ideas, follow Frontier's format. If it's a theme pack, add your plant and building set ideas if you have...
  5. M

    Fluid possible in game?

    Do you guys think it's cool to have a new water option? I was thinking about the cursor being a hose. Filling things up with water by using the hose. Also I think it's a cool idea to really interact with the animals in your zoo with your cursor just like in Zoo Tycoon. The water looks amazing...
  6. G

    ED Odyssey update freezing during install

    I started the download this morning and was away 9 hours and still nothing. I restarted the launcher (frontier Ed launcher) and retried.. will get 75% of the way and just stop.. the mbps freezes on whatever the last active mbps was.. I disabled cache check. I looked at my task manager and it...
  7. T

    SRV loot transfer buried too far in the UI.

    The #1 thing I do at my ship with SRV is board ship. Which is easy to access in the UI. This is fine. The #2 thing is drop off my whopping TWO units of cargo that the SRV can carry. This requires: opening screen 4 tabbing to inventory (pressing Q/E multiple times) then going through the...
  8. StarR ryder


    Whenever you run the launcher and get the UPDATE REQUIRED pop-up, followed by CLOSE LAUNCHER, it reopens - you click Verify, and after a 15 minute wait, you try to run the game and end up with the same pop-up. I originally posted this workaround on May 21st in the Issue Tracker, but I see it's...
  9. N

    The new Elite Dangerous: Odyssey update

    So I'm one of the people who's gotten the game for free on Epic Games when it was free. My question being, is the Elite dangerous odyssey a seperate DLC I need to buy? Or is it just an update I need to wait for?
  10. K

    Please fix the new UI or give us the option to use the old UI!

    The new UI is dissapointing. There was nothing wrong with the old one, it just worked! In the new UI we can't see the rank progression percentage, we have to guess how much we progressed by looking if the bar moved.. it was soo handy to see the actual percentage! The outfitting.. oh god what...
  11. S

    Imperial/Federation Rank adjustment????

    I logged onto the game after the update finished and my ranks are all different? Has anyone else's rank been changed (increased) post update?
  12. Fezix93

    Small Updates Past Couple Days

    Hi all, I've noticed a couple small updates to the game when launching from the EPIC launcher over the past week or so. I'm assuming it just has something to do with Community Goal stuff or the Odyssey Alpha. The updates have only been a few MBs each and don't take long to complete. I'm just...
  13. Update 1.5.1 Out Now! Edit: Patch 1.5.2 Out Now!

    Edit: We have now also released Patch 1.5.2: Stability General Crash Fixes. ------------ Hayo Zookeepers! Thank you all for sharing your feedback since the launch of Update 1.5 and the Southeast Asia Animal Pack. It's been wonderful to see everyone get to know these incredible new...
  14. Patch Notes Planet Coaster: Console Edition 1.4.1 Update Notes

    Hello Coaster friends! We hope everyone out there is doing well and that you're continuing to enjoy Planet Coaster: Console Edition! It's been great fun seeing all the player made parks, coasters and blueprints that you have shared with us since launch in November. Don't forget to upload what...
  15. I

    Planet Zoo Update Suggestions

    I can up with some free update idea to add to the game that I think would make certain parts of the game more realistic. Off exhibit animals I think it would be a good idea to have the option to make habitats off exhibit. I have had multiple issues when I try and keep certain animals out of...
  16. R

    Oswald counter

    Dear Planet Coaster community. I'm talking to the border developer to remove the Oswald meter from the Planet Coaster console edition. Some gamers managed to bypass the counter and found that no latency was detected. This speedometer is a real stick in the wheels for roller coaster enthusiasts...
  17. Y

    No more content updates ?

    Hello, This is me or we dont had a new contents since March ? :s It should be cool to have some new contents FREE please, no DLC, there is so much things to do (dynamic queue path, new flate rides and roller coasters, aquatic battle, ...) Developpers, have you planned that ? Best regards
  18. E

    Make idling Educators wander the zoo

    Currently if an educator isn't doing a keeper talk, they just idle in the staff room. It uses up a space in the staffroom unnecessarily and seems like we're paying them for nothing. They'll also get a lower happiness rating for lack of workload. You should make it so when they've got nothing to...
  19. P

    Today's update broke my game.

    After updating the game early today, all I could do after it opened, was move the selected item, in the main menu. My keyboard, controller, and even my mouse buttons wouldn't work. All I could was literally hover the mouse in the main menu. That's it. I can't go into any of the items, hence was...
  20. G

    Dinosaurs Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Skins

    Not sure what is planned right now, but I feel this is still worth bringing up, whether or not it's so. During this timespan, their heavy focus is bringing this game to the Switch to bring this game's experience to the Switch players, so they have nothing to give out right now to other...
  21. G

    Randomized Animations

    So I love how you can add a lot of props and "manipulate" them to change the way they look, that can add a more realistic look our creations. There is this just one thing I noticed since I started playing, even though there are a lot of animations for the animals, I feel like they kinda get...
  22. Mgram

    Galactic Average Changes (By Category)

    Following todays update, CMDR 100.Rub and myself have compiled all the data on the new changes by Category, Click here for a full website version (with colos): https://www.antixenoinitiative.com/wiki/science/galactic-average-changes COMMODITY OLD AVG NEW AVG CHANGE DELTA...
  23. Old Duck

    What's this, upcoming player bases?

    I don't remember seeing this before. Is it wishful thinking that this may be for future content, where players get to own systems they first discover and "plant their flag" (ie - base building) in? Or is this something more boring like an entire system that belongs solely to an engineer? I've...
  24. Old Duck


    Why does Frontier always have a major sale for Elite Dangerous ($8.99 USD on Steam right now) immediately after an update? They did the same thing last September. Why not wait a few more weeks until they had a chance to patch the game? First impressions matter, and a lot of folk grabbing ED on...
  25. Amanojaku

    Crew missing after FC update

    On ps4 Noticed my slf crew member was not in my Carrier crew lounge after purchasing. Tried going to a station to see if I had to pick her up there... Nothing. She's completely gone.
  26. Old Duck

    Frontier's Mistake

    I'm basing this more on all the negative feedback I'm reading about Fleet Carriers rather than my own feelings about them. Simply put, I believe Frontier's mistake was to focus solely on content for the "classes" while providing nothing for the "masses". Had the update included something that...
  27. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    [PSA] Back up your bindings!

    Update next week. You've been warned. 😛 Don't ask me how, because I just use the default Xbox Gamepad bindings. 😁
  28. R

    Update ideas

    Being able to create a character and walk around as the director of operations and talk to people and your staff Interior designs so you can go into stores and see how your staff are doing More variaty in Dinosaurs And if you can do add in the ability to hire staff with perks and different...
  29. KaoRu

    Update 1.0.4 caused major lag and freezing

    So after about 3 days of not playing the mini patch came out which was....Yesterday I think? I just saw on Twitter that the new challenge was with Cheetah's so I figured I'd give it a go bcuz Cheetah are easy to breed and they can have upto 5 babies. SO. I load my zoo and for some reason it's...
  30. M

    Plant occupation

    Hello Frontier, and zookeepers. I do not understand why since today, I can't get "the occupation of plants" in the green. I stay in the red, while the cursor is in the white bar ... Is it because of the update? Thank you for your help, I wish the welfare of my animals :confused: EDIT ...
  31. KaoRu

    Texture Bug fixed for everyone????

    Seems like the Texture bug has been fixed for me (when it comes to the animals and objects) but has everyone else got the same result? I use Nividia 1050. Also becuase I don't know any different (had the bug since day one)....Are the plants meant to look like this? 🤔 Also here are some pics of...
  32. KaoRu

    Object snapping back to default?

    So I noticed when I'm like making a rock go under the ground, as soon as I let go of shift it snaps back into it's default above ground? Not just rocks it's every object that you can manipulate (that the right word?). Even speakers. I tried attaching one to a building and it moved around the...
  33. E

    Update failure, now game will not run

    All, Any advice would be welcome. I think on 28th sept we were required to update the game. So I clicked ok to install. I then got "installation stopped" pop up. Every time I tried to run the install I got this message after several attempts I then deleted teh download and started again. Same...
  34. A

    Future update (dlc) to make an full aqua zoo

    There is not much to say, just a full aqua zoo with all animals and new fences or whatever :)
  35. [VR] Goooost

    Are new paintjobs a teaser?

    As many of you have seen frontier has released official "racing pack" paintjobs on the store: Right after releasing an update that has a feature that could be easily turned into a racetrack. Myself and others have seen the potential for putting more of the training course tracks throughout...
  36. Old Duck

    Wait... VPNs are broken? As in Virtual Private Networks? NO!!!!!!!!

    I rely on a VPN. My entire home network routes through a quality VPN that I pay for. I do this for multiple reasons, all of them legal and legitimate. I don't use a virtual private network to steal British TV (sorry folks, but the BBC is rubbish these days) or Japanese games (what's the point if...
  37. D

    Hm, what's wrong with the Orbit lines ?

    Looks like even Orbit Lines took a hit after the Update : (the "half pipe") (only Headlook a bit into a different direction has them drawn correctly)
  38. S

    Mining broken after update.

    So all updated, everything seemed good. But as soon as I started collect void opals. the game kicks me out to main menu. It has done it twice now. at the same exact time, when limpets try to return resource to ship. Let the new bugs begin:LOL: Update. working fine now. spent 2 hours mining...
  39. D

    "personal organization folder " for Props as an update?

    Would it be nice to make an update in wich it is possible to organize the props personally. Like ok I make a "folder" with decoration stuff for shops. I hope you understand what im trying to say :D
  40. C

    Keyboard support

    Does anyone have any information as to if Frontier will be adding keyboard support, so that mapping keys will be possible? This would be a welcomed addition to at least have the option to do so.
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