1. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    [PSA] Back up your bindings!

    Update next week. You've been warned. 😛 Don't ask me how, because I just use the default Xbox Gamepad bindings. 😁
  2. R

    Update ideas

    Being able to create a character and walk around as the director of operations and talk to people and your staff Interior designs so you can go into stores and see how your staff are doing More variaty in Dinosaurs And if you can do add in the ability to hire staff with perks and different...
  3. KaoRu

    Update 1.0.4 caused major lag and freezing

    So after about 3 days of not playing the mini patch came out which was....Yesterday I think? I just saw on Twitter that the new challenge was with Cheetah's so I figured I'd give it a go bcuz Cheetah are easy to breed and they can have upto 5 babies. SO. I load my zoo and for some reason it's...
  4. M

    Plant occupation

    Hello Frontier, and zookeepers. I do not understand why since today, I can't get "the occupation of plants" in the green. I stay in the red, while the cursor is in the white bar ... Is it because of the update? Thank you for your help, I wish the welfare of my animals :confused: EDIT ...
  5. KaoRu

    Texture Bug fixed for everyone????

    Seems like the Texture bug has been fixed for me (when it comes to the animals and objects) but has everyone else got the same result? I use Nividia 1050. Also becuase I don't know any different (had the bug since day one)....Are the plants meant to look like this? 🤔 Also here are some pics of...
  6. KaoRu

    Object snapping back to default?

    So I noticed when I'm like making a rock go under the ground, as soon as I let go of shift it snaps back into it's default above ground? Not just rocks it's every object that you can manipulate (that the right word?). Even speakers. I tried attaching one to a building and it moved around the...
  7. E

    Update failure, now game will not run

    All, Any advice would be welcome. I think on 28th sept we were required to update the game. So I clicked ok to install. I then got "installation stopped" pop up. Every time I tried to run the install I got this message after several attempts I then deleted teh download and started again. Same...
  8. A

    Future update (dlc) to make an full aqua zoo

    There is not much to say, just a full aqua zoo with all animals and new fences or whatever :)
  9. Goooost

    Are new paintjobs a teaser?

    As many of you have seen frontier has released official "racing pack" paintjobs on the store: Right after releasing an update that has a feature that could be easily turned into a racetrack. Myself and others have seen the potential for putting more of the training course tracks throughout...
  10. Old Duck

    Wait... VPNs are broken? As in Virtual Private Networks? NO!!!!!!!!

    I rely on a VPN. My entire home network routes through a quality VPN that I pay for. I do this for multiple reasons, all of them legal and legitimate. I don't use a virtual private network to steal British TV (sorry folks, but the BBC is rubbish these days) or Japanese games (what's the point if...
  11. FalconFly

    Hm, what's wrong with the Orbit lines ?

    Looks like even Orbit Lines took a hit after the Update : (the "half pipe") (only Headlook a bit into a different direction has them drawn correctly)
  12. S

    Mining broken after update.

    So all updated, everything seemed good. But as soon as I started collect void opals. the game kicks me out to main menu. It has done it twice now. at the same exact time, when limpets try to return resource to ship. Let the new bugs begin:LOL: Update. working fine now. spent 2 hours mining...
  13. D

    "personal organization folder " for Props as an update?

    Would it be nice to make an update in wich it is possible to organize the props personally. Like ok I make a "folder" with decoration stuff for shops. I hope you understand what im trying to say :D
  14. C

    Keyboard support

    Does anyone have any information as to if Frontier will be adding keyboard support, so that mapping keys will be possible? This would be a welcomed addition to at least have the option to do so.
  15. Old Duck

    Graphics Nerf in Red Dead Redemption 2

    I just learned about the graphics nerf in RDR2 that was introduced in an early update. I bought the game on disc, and I thought I saw a drop in quality after the update, but I wasn't totally sure until someone validated this observation. I've also noticed other glitchy things since the update...
  16. D

    Fatal Attraction DLC

    Jurassic World Evolution: Fatal Attraction DLC (Confirmed Fan Concept)
  17. D

    This post will SAVE JWE and INSTANTLY satisfy player needs!

    Forget the Aquatic and Aviary DLC ideas and all the things we know Frontier can't easily implement. Some of the ideas I have been saying since last year are now so close that Frontier only needs to implement them. Everyone wants customization, right? We know the summer DLC is going to provide...
  18. Old Duck

    Updated Games via Physical Distribution

    Is software that is distributed via disc (a common practice on PS4) ever get updated in the pressing of the discs themselves, or do all updates always come via download? For example, if I buy RDR2 today, is there any chance of getting a disc with at least the first update already applied...
  19. Patch Notes Update April Update - Patch Notes

    Greetings Commanders, The Elite Dangerous servers will be offline for all platforms from tomorrow morning (23 April) for approximately 8 hours as we apply the April Update. There is a chance that this could run over, so we really appreciate your patience. As usual with these updates we'll keep...
  20. VoodooSonny

    Coriolis April fools's

    If you haven't checked out Coriolis today, do so! There's an update, and the old MS Office companion "Clippy" is there to keep you company, and I believe Bugs Bunny retyped the entire site, and dyed it pink! April fools preparations most likely, they're hilarious! Clippy's "recommendations" are...
  21. S

    Add Comets, Oort clouds, and other new shiny stellar phenomenon?

    I love the galaxy in Elite, but I always wished there was just a little more to the asteroid belts, planet rings and other non-planetary bodies out in the black. I think it would be fun to add comets that travel from system to system, maybe even some large enough for small ships to land on, or...
  22. W

    Nanomeds Galnet implications

    Recently there was a Galnet article about nanomedicine- “The IHO rendered its decision on January 17, siding with Vitadyne Labs and approving their nanomeds a legal medical product with the caveat that Vitadyne had to distribute their nanomeds through an established pharmaceutical company to...
  23. thirdeye333

    Can't install the latest update on VR version at Oculus

    Hi guys, For two days I've been clicking on the Update button via the Oculus store to install the latest update that was released a few days ago. It goes through the motions of counting down my download then 'optimising the updates' (whatever that means). Looks like its finished but when I...
  24. The-DemonWolf

    Keep Galatic Anomalies Petition!

    Greetings CMDRs! In the recent beta notes FDev have indicated that they will be addressing elements of the Stellar Forge that have resulted in a range of galactic anomalies like planets that collide or very brightly coloured gas giants. There are some very well known and popular examples...
  25. Yamiks

    [Video] Beyond 3.2 chapter three RECAP in 4 minutes

  26. klichekid

    There will be no update on the 29th, only a live stream reveal. (Sharing from reddit)

    Sharing this post that I started over at reddit. People seem to believe that the update will drop during or after the live stream and/or people believe that there is no stream tomorrow and instead we will receive an update. Changes have been made to accommodate the user populace on this outlet...
  27. SadSky


    I’m very happy about the 3.2 update. I was not expecting that much, since it was supposed to be a small one. I appreciate all the new stuff. I feel that there is something for everyone. New fighter ship with hybrid guardian technology, new weapon class (I always wanted to have more torpedo and...
  28. Eruptor218

    Stoyben's 4 step plan to make Elite Dangerous again (Major Suggestions)

    This post is on behalf on a friend from many Discords Stoyben. He's not much of a forum dweller so on his behalf I will convey his ideas here. While we all look forward to the major improvements coming in future updates, some of the ideas here would work well with the game, and are worth...
  29. Wildcard


    Dear Fdev, While I am highly PO'd at you all I am attempting to keep my cool, but every single f"*** time you folks patch this game you screw up every single last custom key binding config I have, for all of my configs, for KeyBoard and mouse, Flight Stick and Hotas, Steam Controller, and xBox...
  30. Masrock

    cnb still in the game?

    Three sites for compromised Navigation. Beacons have switched to "uncompromised" after the latest update. Where they removed as an entity , its a bug or they normally switch systems from time to time? Kadrusa, Asphodel and one other.
  31. T

    Ships Alliance Challenger, The more rounded, refined choice.

    So we now have the Alliance Challenger to play with.. Chieftan Pros: Very much faster than its new sister Faster Pitch rates Has a better Hardpoint vs Distributor ratio Challenger Pros: Much more resilliant Very much smoother to fly, with less twitch More (potential) DPS These were the...
  32. Yamiks

    [Video] Beyond 3.1 Chapter two RECAP

  33. Release Notes PS4 1.1.2, XB1 1.1.1 Update

    Hi All, This morning we have released an update to the Xbox One and Playstation 4. This update does not apply to PC/Desktop. Here is the changes / updates for this version... Stability fixes Performance & Quality improvements As always, please report any issues found to our bug reporting...
  34. Trilyden

    Crew lounge 2.0

    The Crew lounge has a problem there’s not enough to it These changes are some that could be made General ————— •ability to assemble and hire a crew •# of members recruitable based on ship size •different roles -senior officer -fighter pilot -engineer -quartermaster...
  35. J

    Dig Site Suggestions for Future Updates

    Do you guys think that they should add in new dig sites in future updates? If so, what dig sites would you like to see be added into the game? Here are some dig sites I would like to see be added in: Ischigualasto Formation: Herrerasaurus Hanson Formation: Cryolophosaurus Dashanpu Formation...
  36. BarberousMeow

    Shipment of Ships from stations

    Currently you ship ships from A to B. You have to be in B and you choose to ship your shipfrom A to B. I want to be in A and ship it to B. Or be in C and ship it from A to B.... for example im in colonia and ship my ship from sol to lave if i wanted to, or im in SOL and i ship my ship from sol...
  37. S

    Planet Coaster WasserPark Dlc?

    Hallo User,Entwickler von Frontier wie wäre es mal mit einen Wasser Park Dlc mit Rutschen und Pools und dazu gehörige Szenerie?
  38. M

    Update 1.17 PS4

    What’s in the new update!?
  39. Lukiepookie

    Notoriety in 3.0

    So here it is. 3.0 has dropped and I must say, there are quite a lot of things I love about the latest iteration. Material limits for one are amazing. Now I feel motivated and even a bit vindicated in how much I enjoy what practically amounts to looking for shiny rocks. Especially prospecting...
  40. SinisteRZman

    Fed rank up missions

    Hi all, has anyone experienced issues with finding rank up missions since the update? I am 100% both categories in fed rank. I have looked in 3 diff systems both controlled and with fed factions but cannot find a navy rank mission. Thoughts?
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