Rank Grinds.

I know there are prolly a hundred people a day complaining about this but is there any plans to change it?

I used to be okay with it but now any place i look that used to be good Rank grinding place is at War or crowded with independent stations. Sethos and Ceos are no longer an option it seems, and it was the only place keeping me from being Triggered about the grind, cause i used to just need to stare and my screen and drool to get a couple ranks done. But now I'm left with Assassinate missions that give me Sometimes, 3% to my next rank.

So i guess I'm asking, is there any good place to go right now that's 'easy', or are there some changes coming yet? Keep in mind I'm only looking to grind fed rank to 12 for the corvette and currently at 8 i believe.

And sorry if this Thread is in the wrong place, i looked around a bit and didn't find someplace better. :/
Have you tried doing wing transport missions and taking the ++++ rep option? If you want to meet up this weekend in the core (like say Sol) and try to knock out a couple, let me know.
Not sure how effective stacking data courier missions with the +++rep options are. Did my ranking around Sol and Achenar when they were super effective but they have been nerfed since then.
What's wrong with Sothis and Ceos? I just did the grind there a couple of weeks ago and frankly, it felt like it was "too" easy especially compared to what it was before. Every time I completed a rank acquisition mission I was already 100% towards the next one. Only took like two evenings to get a Corvette by just delivering data.

I can't remember the system states but neither was in boom at the time. Still quite a bit of strategic data transfer missions etc. Has something changed in the newest patch? If it's just system state related, you could always wait for things to change. Or are there fewer Federation mission givers now than before?
When i went there (A week or so ago), it was in war, and all that was offered was Massacre missions, with one data mission that didn't offer Rep as a Reward, witch is very weird, never seen that before. I can take another look but it used to be (Months ago) That it was three stations handing Data back and forward to each other in the two systems.

Edit: I went back and Things seem to be more or less normal, there's a lot more stations to go around to now, but it is working.
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