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I've mentioned this before but I need to ask again. Are there any systems that have not been discovered yet.. it matters not which direction i travel up down left right backwards forwards.. every system encountered has been discovered. In which direction do I need to head to find a system that has not been frequented at some point.

It will get to the point where if you see a discovered system out there you will jump up and down with excitement
Does it though, by itself?

That assumes all new players must find new systems

If you don't leave the bubble or stay to the beaten paths

The trip to the Pleiades is still considered "too far" by some players, so they would likely never add to the exploration of the galaxy despite playing
The statistics I provided (the 37k systems) was from my codex stats page, it doesn't differentiate virgin from tagged systems. Obviously I know the lions share of those systems were virgin territory.

IIRC David Braben said the average time played was 60hrs (I have played just over 6,500hrs) and I think 55% of all players don't buy a new ship, a stat that probably came from XBox achievements or similar.

I think the 0.036% of the galaxy statistic Paige provided is a little misleading - most of the galaxy is pretty homogeneous, and anecdotal evidence suggests the proportion of discovered systems where most players would typically actually be likely to visit (ie regions near tourist hotspots like nebulae) is much, much higher, the issue the OP is facing. Just getting your name in the stars is not that hard. Getting your name on a system another player is likely to visit is probably more of a challenge now.
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Last time I headed out, it was a good 3000 lys before I was finding only untouched systems. I went anti-spinward towards Norma expanse sector, and up about 650 lys.

I suggest you head toward nothing. No nebula, Jaques, Sag. A, or any other kind of POI. And it's still amazing how far out has been discovered.
There’s something like 399 billion undiscovered systems in the galaxy. You just need to do 3 things to find them:
1) pick any direction out of the bubble and go. Try to NOT head for a nebula or other landmark
2) make sure to set your route planner for “farthest jumps” and not “economic route” or whatever the difference is. keep going, once you get about 750-1000 lay out you’ll start to fine undiscovered systems
3) prep beforehand. Make sure you have a fuel scoop and Visit Felicity to engineer your frameshift drive for highest jump range possible so you can go farther in less jumps.

Good luck commander!
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