Parks Renee' Feu Adventure Park

Here is a sneak peek at what this section of the track looks like with the lighting and effects added. The custom supports all still need to be added, but pics of the finished product will come later once the entire ride is completed.
Looking straight down on this section of the track...again, before supports are added and before I close it up.

Here is the fire section from the previous posts all closed in and leveled off (the light green circle area). And now I will work on detailing the orange and yellow track sections. This is actually the track sections before the fire room we already saw. This is from the tops of the initial lift hills and the drops, bumps, and banks leading into that fire room.
Here is looking straight down on this section that I'm working on (two tracks on the left). The lower left you can see that the tracks cross over the river. The second picture shows that I built a terrain 'bridge' under these tracks to enclose them. Sone inside scenery has also been placed at the top of the lift hills.

Here is me working on the first small drop/dip at the top of the first lift hill. Coaster will slide down under the mine carts working the mine.
This is before lighting and the mine roof being closed up.
Here I have closed in the section from the past pics (upper center of this pic). Now I will work a bit on the two large curves by adding custom supports and lighting before I close it up.
Jumping over to the start of the ride. This will be the back wall of the load stations for both tracks which is the entrance to the first lift hills. Just a tease for now.
Now I'm working on the first of the track crossovers of the river inside the cave system. This one is right after that lava room we looked at earlier and is a double crossing. I will need to build a bridge of sorts for each trach and supports for them.
After the tracks crossover the river, they enter another cavern that is a larger room. This room will have the track dip into a pool of water and have mining scenery.
looking back from a pics ago, here are the two tracks making the crossover after supports and lighting were added.
A bit more terrain contouring and more custom supports added. You will need to wait until I share the final product to see much more here.
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