Report issues using the Issue Tracker

Sometimes, yes. You can look for FDev employee posts here:

This thread is announcing that bugs should be reported to the (at the time new) issue tracker so expecting responses here is probably counterproductive.

You could try posting in the most recent patch thread, or just read through them to see if others are having similar issues.

I get Mauve Adder reliably if I am travelling in a friend's ship & they jump to supercruise, if they are in my ship it's fine for both of us so I assume some issue with them hosting the instance. There's a fan-made thread with tips on port forwarding stickied in Dangerous Discussion that could give you some suggestions for workarounds.

New issue tracker, as I said, is a joke with 'expired' issues that are still a problem, 'fixed' that most certainly are not and 'confirming' issues that have at least six replies confirming the same problem. (Mauve adder issues abound in the new issue tracker, 145 at last count some dating back to update 2 and earlier: At least one is reported as 'fixed', many as duplicates and several 'expired' or 'confirming' even some marked a 'invalid'??) It seems that only issues that developers consider relevant are even looked at let alone investigated. As you say expecting a response here isn't productive but showing frustration at the terrible mess 'Odyssey' still is certainly has a place on the forum and considering just how many players do just that should be an indication that Frontier have a player base that is less than happy with their idea of a final release.
Dear FD, the fact that you made an issue tracker is good, but why does it work so badly? While I am writing about the problem in detail, each time as a result, the text disappears before sending it, before I had to restore it from memory, now I have to copy the text into a notebook, or even write it separately, then paste it. As far as I understand, the problem of tracker errors has existed for several years, but why is nothing being done about them?
i came accrose a Bug, i landed on a moon and repair modules, while repairing i want to walk outside but the game crashed.
Went to submit a bug just now and got this:

"Unfortunately you are not able to submit an issue at this time. You can still browse existing issues or, alternatively, try again at a later date."

(the browse existing issues bit is a lie, as that isn't working either)

Which issue tracker do I need to use to report that the issue tracker isn't working? ;)
Greetings Commanders!

We are now excited to launch our new Issue Tracker! The Issue Tracker replaces our Bug Reporting forums and can be accessed here:

To report a bug simply log in with your regular Frontier account and click 'Submit Report'. You'll then be given all the steps you need to let us know about any issues you have experienced.

On this site you can:
  • Submit issues
  • Follow the status of your reports
  • See which issues have been reported by others
  • Vote on which issues matter most to you
  • Search for specific reports
  • Help contribute towards existing issues
With the launch of our new Issue Tracker the Bug Reporting forums will now be archived and all reports will now use the Issue Tracker.

Thank you for all your support so far and for helping raise awareness of the issues that are affecting your gameplay!
All that functionality is amazing.
Why can't FDev do this for the Suggestions sub-forum, like make it matter and not just be a black hole?
What is the point of raising issues on the issue tracker, for them to be closed as expired because they haven't been confirmed in the allocated time frame? Particularly for issues that don't require multiple commanders saying "I'm seeing that too" and could be easily checked internally by devs. It's really frustrating.
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