Request: Allow Analogue Input for Lateral Thrust Axes

Currently ED only allows for a single axis to control Vertical and Horizontal lateral thrust. The adjoining options for directions only allow for binary input (on/off).
I would like there to be an option to recognise analogue input for Lateral Thrust Up, Down, Left, Right controls to allow for greater controller flexibility.

Example: My Thrustmaster TFRP pedals have separate X and Y axes for L/R toe pedals and Z for the rudder movement (push/pull). I would like to be able to set the X and Y for Up and Down respectively to analogue input.

I understand there are 3rd party apps that can combine X & Y into one. However, if the game already recognises the separate axes but they just get sidelined as a button press then why can't they be seen as analogue as well?
I really like the straightforward easy interface for ED's controls and this would be such a simple feature to include after so many years of the game in development.

#MakeAnalogueGreatAgain [big grin]
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Would be the icing on the cake for sure. I already have analog axis control of lateral and vertical thrust through the ministick on my HOTAS, but I lack the analog forwards backwards axis. I'd love to be able to put that on the toebrakes of my rudders. In SRV driving you have two axis for forward acceleration and braking/reverse. Copy those over to the flight controls.
Using an X52 pro there are two centre indented thumbwheels on the thottle. Using alternative flight controls I'm currently using these for lateral and vertical analogue inputs (just toggle on alternative flight controls) - they are very sensitive though - you can easily find yourself trying to land at >10m/s if not careful - I haven't found a useful way to adjust the response curves for these yet - if you could then they would be awesome.

P.S just found that I can adjust the sensitivity If I make it a directional axis in the SST software - this worked well with the mouse stick for headlook so I've got my fingers crossed. :D
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