ROLEPLAYING - Introduce your Commander

Hail CMDRs.

The Name's Rhaazerus Orzhov.
I'm a Terran by birth, believe it or not, Born on "Earth" in the Sol system, October 3275.
Of course, I was born to a Scrapper in the slums.....aaand I was only a year old when my family left.
But still counts right? Anyway, my father said I gave him reason to leave and start a better life.
Can't say we ever found it though.
I spent my years moving from station to station with my parents, my dad would join crews in dismantling old ships and salvage.
I was fascinated watching the ships come and go in the starports,
and always tried my luck to buddy up with the Commanders, or flirt with the flight attendants from the tourist cruisers.

I got lucky one day. I got my chance to take to the stars around March, 3305
Like father like son I guess, I joined my dad with a scrapping crew at Trevithick Dock in the LHS 3447 system.
I met an old pilot there, never told me his name. I'll remember what he said; "There's freedom and danger amongst those stars, kid. Embrace them both."
Weirdest thing, a couple days later, my dad came home with a smile on his face and some papers in his hand that read -
"Trevithick Dock: Pilots Federation License - Flight Training Entry Application"

I'm living the dream, sailing the stars like the free-roamer I wanted to be as a boy.
My old man still scraps ships over there in Trevithick Dock these days, give him a wave if you see him.
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I'm Mira Calques from Richmond City, Leesti (Leesti system). I was born on August 29th 3272, the second of three children to Darien and Alyssa Calques (neé Barin).

My dad was kind of a big shot in Reynhardt Intellisys and my mother a pretty well-known holovision actress in the Old Worlds region (yes, if you're from there and wondering, she is that Alyssa Barin), so we were a pretty comfortable upper-middle class family. I'm not going to apologise for it; it is what it is. We never felt we were better than anyone else, and my mum always raised me and my brother and sister to treat everyone well and help out those who were less fortunate; which is probably reflected in our later life choices. My older brother Thadiun runs a humanitarian relief agency for civilian victims of civil wars (the galaxy being how it is, he's never short of work), whereas my little sister Jaxa - being the real brains of the family - got her doctorate in spectral geology a few years back and cemented her reputation when she developed a new method for early detection of hazardous volcanic activity.

And me? I always wanted to fly. My passion for space travel began at the age of just five years old when dad took me on my first interplanetary trip. The sight of my homeworld shrinking gradually into a pinprick in the vastness of space; the lurch of my stomach as the hyperdrive engaged; the mysterious nebulae and psychedelic colours of hyperspace - how could any of these sensations fail to profoundly shape a young girl's imagination? I flew skimmers and surface craft throughout my youth, eventually progressing to the little courier shuttlecraft all across the Leesti system, before finally passing my PF exams and climbing proudly into my very first sidewinder, Lady A. I still have her today, carefully buffed and fuelled, in dock with all the other ships I've acquired.

These days, I just do my bit to try and keep the peace in the galaxy. Whether it's hunting down pirates, escorting freshly qualified pilots through dangerous systems, or delivering relief to suffering people, I'll be there, doing what I can. Because after all, we're all only human.
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