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Happy New Year, everyone! Today, we proudly release the new park file for Rose Lake Park map 6, 1940 - 1949>

This park map represents the sixth chapter of the journey chronicling the life of Rose Lake Park from its humble beginnings as a picnic grove at the end of a trolley line near Peepsburgh in the heart of Plancovania, to the world renown destination amusement park it is today.

In 1949, the park celebrated its 50th anniversary. That year also marked the end of a dark decade in the world as the allied nations continued to recover and rebuild from World War II. Rose Lake Park had become an enjoyable diversion during the war for folks at home and troops on leave, and then a top family destination once the war was over. The park even kept the ballpark open when all the boys went to war with their own Rose Lake Swans joining the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, their top rivals being the Plancovia Buttercups.

The park underwent some drastic changes during the 40s. The main Carousel Lawn area of the park became the Stanley Wolf Botanical Gardens, providing gorgeous vistas from the upper entrance area down into the main part of the park. To make room for the expansive gardens, several main street shops were relocated up to a new upper terrace overlooking the gardens from the west side. The Whip was relocated to the Boardwalk and given an all-new building by Red Line Rides Co. The Ferris Wheel was relocated across the path next to the Grasshopper and the Noah’s Ark was moved to the Fun Palace’s former corner and was given a thorough makeover with all new scenes and effects. Across from it was the brand-new Rotor thrill ride.

The Japanese Gardens became the delightful Storybook Village with its new puppet theater and train ride through nursery rhymes and stories for the kids. Down the path from Storybook Village were the new Teddy Bear junior wooden coaster and Kiddieland, which featured several Mangels kiddie rides and a kiddie mill with fanciful swan boats. Further down the path were the new Cuddle Up and games pavilion.

Lake Raamaw saw a few changes with Bearcat’s new entrance, a rowboat ride, and an all-new boathouse with a jazz bar on its upper level. The lake’s original 1899 boathouse and its upper apartment were converted into the fine dining establishment called the Mooring House. Across the way on the site where the Flying Turns once stood, the all-new Rose Lake Racer wooden coaster dominated the peninsula. And, on the far shore of Rose Lake, the park built an all-new Racing Derby Carousel, featuring high-speed horses that raced around the enormous ride. A new Eyerly Fly-O-Plane and Rock-O-Plane completed the area.

To celebrate the park’s 50th year in 1949, the park had a brand-new anniversary show in the Swan Pavilion amphitheater and grand fireworks show launched on Saturday nights from a barge on Rose Lake.

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And here are some cool screenshots of the new things highlighted in this second video:

The new refurbished and relocated Noah's Ark walkthrough attraction!







The Mooring House restaurant, the grand remodel of the park's original 1899 boathouse (starting with Wagi's original structure)!














The Allan Herschell Looper ride on Lake Raamaw!



The mighty Rose Lake Racer!







The new Prior and Church Racing Derby Carousel and its Westview Park-inspired plaza!







Some lovely overall park views!




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It's one fantastic park, one of the best I've ever seen in PC, but it just absolutely crawls on my new machine. Looks wonderful, but not really playable at all. The piece count must be ungodly! :ROFLMAO:

It has been fun watchng this park for 50 years! Let me know when you catch up to my age!!!
This is somewhat beside the point, but I am very fond of the post processing you use for your images. Many of these look more like screenshots from a game with much higher fidelity like GTA 5.
Thank you! Part of that is from using various Reshade settings in the game and then for others I have replaced the sky in Photoshop and run the shots through Photoshop's camera raw filter.
You sir are the master of dark rides, fun houses, and haunted attractions! That Noah's Ark really looks good. You put so much detail into it. And did you build that whale with tiny pieces?
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