SAGITTARIUS A* - Visitors List - V4.0 - Please read OP BEFORE posting!

Just a note - only 5 pages left to go from the original thread then this'll be up to date :D

If you think you're supposed to be on the new list check it out and see. If you haven't been added it may be because you failed to provide evidence of your visit or anything for me to cut and paste into the new list.

I'm typing a lot of names into this list and don't mind a modicum of reformatting/correction but if there is not even a name, a date or anything to put in I don't have the time to go hunting it down :)
Made the pilgrimage back in July, completed the trip after the 2.4 update where I was able to take advantage of the new payouts for data, made 279 mil for the trip. Unfortunately I am not so tech savy as to how to post the screenshot here, so guess will just have to do without.

Well, didn't take the proper screenshot, didn't know bout this forum til after I went in July of this year, so only took the one screenshot of the black hole and not the other panel so guess I won't get on the list.
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This list is now complete! [up]

If you think you should be on it but are not please check your original submission. Mostly I rejected submissions for a combination of the following reasons:

1. No CMDR name.
2. No supporting photo/information.
3. No date.
4. TL;DR ...I'm not getting paid for this :D
4. Often all of the above... "Hi, arrived today, long trip lol..."

In the case of attached photo's (from the old list) being 404 / no longer available I was quite lax provided names and dates were also supplied.

Unfortunately in many cases the available information was part of a short story and had to be extrapolated and the entries then manually added to the list in the correct format. I won't be carrying that 'service' forward as I'm only going to accept entries that require no or very minimal formatting from now on.

So if you weren't added to the list you can of course re-submit using the correct format as per OP.
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