SAGITTARIUS A* - Visitors List - V4.0 - Please read OP BEFORE posting!

You can get the date from your journals in %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\, just search all .log file contents for "Sagittarius A*", it's simple text files. The line containing the string "event":"Scan", "ScanType":"AutoScan", "BodyName":"Sagittarius A*" should show when you scanned the supermassive black hole I guess. There's a timestamp in that line too.

I'm also missing something though. I didn't know about this thread when I went there, so I didn't think of including my Commander's name in the screenshots :(. I can provide the visitor's list link through: [Here's my visit].

CMDR Azar Javed - 12th June 3305

elite-60-sagittarius-a∗-1.jpg elite-64-sagittarius-a∗-5.jpg
My visit in SagA* (click to enlarge)
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That's everyone up to date just now - I gotta say this is a lot easier than those heady days of DW2!


Just a reminder, it makes it really easy and quick for me if your posts for the entry look like this:

2625. CMDR Chalky - 20th July 3305
2626. CMDR Biscuit_Dunker - 20th June 3305
2627. CMDR markandy12 - 30th July 3305
Obviously not the numbers, I do that!!
Made it while on my way up to Beagle Point and Semotus Beacon.

CMDR MaultierColt308 - August 4th, 3305
(and again on August 13th, 3305 because of losing the only SRV on board :cry: - My 5,000 ly haul back to Explorer's Anchorage led me via Sag A* as well...)
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