Say No to Noobzone!

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"We from Frontier blow the new because Noobs sugar in *** and laughter those who have been around for a long time Naughty in the face!"

OP, I'm beginning to think that you're an artist of the highest order - every iteration is better than the last. The addition of "sugar" is particularly inspired - it cleared things up for me no end. I'm wondering about the censored 3 letter word, but perhaps it's best not to ask.
I don't have a clue what the OP is on about.
They're hating on noobs for having a better-iterated starting experience than the classic "uphill in the snow both ways" method of days of yore. "I HAD TO DO IT THE HARD WAY STOP IMPROVING THINGS FOR OTHERS AT A LATER DATE" kind of thing.


They're attempting to drum up revenue for the German sexytimes industry.

I'm still worried about where the sugar is supposed to go.
What is wrong with you doctor Asquith? This is supposed to be a bawdy 1970s hospital. Please stick to using innuendo.
The beginner's area is a great addition to the game and tastefully done by Frontier. It gives just the right amount of guidance. If I had to be critical, I'd say that it still assumes too much fore-knowledge for someone 100% new to the game, it's hard for me to tell because the problem nearly all of us have is that once we know how to play the game, fly our ships, land and take off, buy cargo and the rest, you don't un-learn that.

If griefers and gankers are crying salty tears over this, then tough. It just proves Frontier did the right thing.
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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