For the longest time, I've been longing for a DLC containing wildlife native to my home region. I've spent a fair amount of time (time well spent, in my opinion!) narrowing the selection of animals down, to create a somewhat "realistic" DLC. I had trouble naming the DLC, seeing as the animals mentioned are not all exclusively native to Scandinavia.

I would love to see all of the animals listed below in a DLC. However, I am painfully aware, that the number of animals on the list might be a bit too optimistic, which is why, the animals that are most important to me personally, are written in bold writing and are pictured below. I hope Frontier will use this as inspiration!

Let me know what you think about this imaginary DLC, and if you would've added other animals to the list :)

  • Eurasian badger
  • European red fox
  • Moose OR red deer
  • Wolverine
  • Eurasian lynx
  • Wild boar

Small mammals
  • European mole (exhibit animal)
  • European hedgehog (exhibit animal)
  • Brown long-eared bat (exhibit animal)
  • Parti-coloured bat (exhibit animal)
  • Hazel dormouse (exhibit animal)

  • Common pheasant
  • Mute swan
  • White stork
  • Atlantic puffin

  • Moor frog (exhibit animal)
  • Alpine newt (exhibit animal)
  • Great crested newt (exhibit animal)

  • Ladybird spider (exhibit animal)
  • European stag beetle (exhibit animal)
  • Great green bush-cricket (exhibit animal)

  • European adder (exhibit animal)

More than that, I have a long list of small bird species I would love to be added as well, if Frontier ever were to add aviaries to the game.
Eurasian badger.jpgEuropean red fox.jpgEuropean mole.jpgCommon pheasant.jpgMute swan.jpgMoor frog, male and female.jpgLadybird spider, male.jpgLadybird spider, female.jpg
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I want all those animals too, especially the 7 you have in the mammals section. However, since all those animals live outside Scandinavia too and we already have the Artic pack, I would call that pack "Europe DLC" and add the ibex.
I would say a Scandinavian pack (which I think is sadly unlikely) would absolutely have to include the elk/moose as that is the most iconic animal of Sweden and Norway. If it was going to be a 4 animal pack I would suggest:

  • Elk/moose
  • Wolverine
  • Arctic fox
  • Eurasian lynx

I’m aware that’s pretty carnivore heavy and leaves Denmark without much representation. I could add more but then it starts to look as much like a European pack as a Scandinavian one.

I’m not sure how they’d manage the colour changes of the arctic fox. Maybe just have them as variants or only have the white version. If it wouldn’t work I’d substitute it with the beaver or Eurasian crane.

Whilst I would love a comprehensive line up representative of Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, I think it’s unlikely given the limited number of animals we are due to get.

I actually gave up building my Swedish zoo due to the lack of available animals.
I’m not sure how they’d manage the colour changes of the arctic fox. Maybe just have them as variants or only have the white version.

I think they would have the white version because it is the most iconic. Camels and reindeer don't have the seasonal variations in the game either.
People/governments/local authorities don’t give a shi* about nature. It’s a shocking that any wildlife still left in Europe.
I think the German Government would nuke everything that is natural and live in a Underground Bunker if they could. They are pure evil
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