News Server Issues Update: 23 Oct 2017

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16:04 BST - Initial Server Issues - caching error
17:50 BST - Fixed original issue with errors logging in
17:50 BST - Further diagnostics required, fix to previous issue highlighted further issues
18:59 BST - Low level server corruption fixed. Remaining players able to get back into game.
20:01 BST - Server team still detecting issues, working toward a fix currently. We will continue to update with new information as we have it
21:15 BST - Servers are returning to normal.

Note: CMDR save data is unaffected during this time.

We will continue to keep this thread updated with any news and information as we continue work on the server connectivity issues.

When posting a response, please include what action you were taking when the server errors occurred and any relevant information as to the errors received. For the sake of keeping reports succinct and assist in diagnosing the issue please remain on topic.

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Dublin based:

Main login screen shows I am logged in, but the Server Status displays 'Issues Detected' - If I try to login, I get login failure.
Xbox in uk.

Kicked to station board when trying to change ships. When repeat trying to change ships kicked to log out.

Hope it helps.
The launcher still says Issues detected. I was able to login in and take off in my ship. Plotted my destination system and station. No issues. Cleared to land. Landed no issue. selected enter hangar and then the services tab and got kicked for Transaction server connection issue. Log back in was placed 30 km from station. Cleared to land. Land no issue. Enter hangar and was just going to save and exit just to be in the station. Transaction server issue again. Kicked from game.

Hope this helps.
So far so good, no more transaction issues and I'm progressing missions...must have connected to the one good transaction server :p
Same action repeatedly, leave outpost, just moments after mass lock cleared, transaction server error, not even time to hit hyper jump.

Logout ingame

While ingame and entering supercruise game logs out to menu due to failure connecting to transaction server. After restarting the game it said connection issue required field missing
Tried to obtain missions from board over 40 times, all failed and resulted in losing server connection.
PS4 Hawaii.

Thanks for the updates.
servers are now playing ball for PC users. no longer getting transaction errors from looking at my beluga... what broke?
Server issues

PlayStation in California

At first couldn't log in, now server drops when I jump to a new star system. When I log back in (when able) I find myself over 20k Ls from star.
PS4 in NZ. Open game, click login and get the game failed to communicate with the authentication server. Have tried logging in several times, restarting app and PS4. Still no success
PC in UK

Spawning after logging in. In SRV but seem to spawn pretty high up off the planet then get error:

"Connection error

Could not connect to transaction server. Press OK to return to main menu"
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