Server Issues?

I'm getting major lag when going into or out of supercruise, disconnects, difficulty connecting, and docking requests being canceled. Not fun having your docking request cancel itself when you're just about to enter the mailslot with a hold full of illicit cargo.
Ditto, hamsters need feeding. This has been going on since 3.3 dropped. Really poor show from Frontier. Only online game that has terrible server issues on a daily basis.
It’s nice to have a job and an office at times like this... when I get home and can play, this will all be just a memory.
Same issue here; can't connect and then when I do eventually get connected, I get disconnected a few minutes later.

I've only played this game for a couple of weeks, but I've got to say it's the buggiest mess I've ever experienced and that includes some early access games. I have no idea how it can have been in development this long and be so unstable.
Same here. Just came to see if others have same problem. Disconnects after 5 or so minutes all the time tonight, killing my mining :( Was also the same thing definitely last night at this time and I think day before. Really frustrating as these are the only two hours a day I get to play in the week :(
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