News Shipyards added to player-faction bases in Colonia

Hello everyone,

We’re pleased to announce that we are going to be introducing shipyards into player-faction bases located in Colonia. The desire for these came up during discussions with player groups at this year’s Lavecon. With this feedback in mind, the development team have worked on a way to ensure that each player-faction bases is balanced and have comparable shipyards.

These shipyards will be coming to Colonia player-faction bases… today (effective by, approximately, 4:00 PM BST).

There will be no downtime required for this change, however you will need to re-log to see the changes after they go live.

Fly safe, Commanders!
I am from the Ukraine Colonist Alliance faction and I write about the lack of a shipyard at our station taras shevchenko hub
We want to find out why our faction did not get a shipyard in the colony? !!
All factions having a planetary station have already received a shipyard!
We repeatedly wrote letters to technical support and did not get an answer!
We wrote letters for more than a month to the community manager's email and did not receive an answer!
We are still waiting for our shipyard!
How long should we wait for an answer and the shipyard at our station?
What is the problem? Write at least an explanation! Do not ignore us!
(Written with the help of Google translator)
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