Single-player CQC. Please, just please...

ED has one of the best cockpit experiences ever, if not the all-time top one.

I know it's been requested many times before, but a one-player CQC/Arena mode using AI opponents is not only fitting, it's almost a crime that such an intense offline "arcade" type of experience does not exist -- knowing that all of the ingredients are available.

Being able to utilize bots in multi-player would make sense too, but I'm not going to push it.
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You have my vote on this. Its hard to find players for CQC. I want to get better at dog fighting without risking my ships in the game.
This has been suggested as per nauseum. I still can't understand why it is not a standard feature of CQC. And of course it should contribute to CQC rank increase. Maybe not equally with PvP CQC but at least 50% per kill of the PvP counterpart. Personally I would prefer equal contribution but I can understand the PvPers will start to moan so I sh*t up.
Yes please. It's a long-standing feature request, and I respect that it's hardly trivial to build... but I'll support it every time.
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