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Hi there everyone!

Does anyone knows if it is possible to import a simple 3d Sketchup models (without textures) in Blender where I can add the correct measurements, the necessary LODs, Hitchecks, Materials and UV maps/Textures etc. to be able to use that object in TMT?

First, I tried to import my Sketchup model as .dae (collada). But I wasn't able to change anything on my model.
Second, I added an .fbx exporter plugin to Sketchup to be able to export my Sketchup model as .fbx into Blender. But unfortunatly Blender can't reconize the fbx-file. Why?
In this context, I'd like to ask, if Blender would generally reconize my Sketchup fbx-model? And can I add the things I mentioned above to be able to import the object to TMT?

Means: Is it generally possible to create a model in Sketchup which I import it as fbx into Blender to be able to work with?

The reason, why I wanna create my model in Sketchup is, that I personally find it much easier to create a model in Sketchup than in Blender. ;)

Thx in advance for your help and have a nice sunday! ;)

- spoonetti -
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Ok, I am indeed able to export my Sketchup model as obj with a free obj-exporter plugin (Sketchup offers an included obj-exporter only in its Pro version!). I am also able to import my Sketchup obj-model into Blender where I can work with.

When I have finished the model, I'll try to load it into TMT with the hope that it works. ;) Cross your fingers for me. ;)[big grin]
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