SleepyDelegate's Chronicles - taking the DBX around the Galaxy

On my voyage, I have stumbled upon this interesting system. The primary star is a Black Hole and then there are two White Dwarfs... I scanned the system and found out, that there is also an oblate Class V Gas Giant... And it seemed to be close to its parent star... So I went to investigate... What I have found was one of the most interesting sights of my two years of ED exploration:

Oudaitt AA-A g33 (20211018-222226).jpg

Oudaitt AA-A g33 (20211018-221743).jpg

This Class V Gas Giant is orbiting perhaps less than 1ls around its parent star... I'm not an expert on triangulation and I'm not sure where to find the distance in ED...
Today is the glorious day: Radeon 6900XT has arrived... And a new home for my 3070 has been secured... Hopefully with it also the infamous Nvidia stutter will go away as well...

My main issues with 3070:
  • stutter
  • lack of punch for my Reverb G2
Re stutter: maybe while playing without VR this would not be an issue, but in VR this is really very annoying
Re lack of raw power: I was able to play at 90fps only at 50% undersampling. Whenever you turn up the sampling to 85% or more, the frame rate drops to 56ish fps. When landing on a planet, the frame rate drops to 23fps...

Let's see how much it improves with this powerhouse...
First impressions after installing it and flying for the first hour:
  • I did not notice any performance gain at first, but then I enabled AMD FSR and it immediately improved the performance. I basically went from 70ish fps to steady 90...
  • then I started improving the quality of the graphics:
    • slowly turned almost everything to ULTRA
    • increased antialiasing quality to anisotropic filtering 16x
    • texture quality to ULTRA
    • blur
    • cone quality ULTRA
    • shadow quality ULTRA
    • etc etc... anything that could be turned on, I turned on or maxed out
And I was still getting a very steady 74fps on average...

MOST IMPORTANTLY: No stutter... :cool:

So there you have it...

Here is a sample picture:

Oudaitt AA-A g33 (20211019-210616).jpg

A cropped portion to compare (6900xt on top)

6900xt vs 3070.jpg
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