So what are you hoping for on Wednesday's Stream?

I know we're probably not going to get anything huge (like ship interiors and we know that the planetary tech is staying as it is). However, I am hoping for ;-
  1. Confirmation that fdev is going to support and continue to develop for the game for quite a while.
  2. Continuing Galnet, CGs and ingame events after the Azimuth saga has finished.
  3. Continuing Bug Fixes.
  4. More space interactions to higher threat on-foot missions.
  5. Additional on-foot exploration mechanics.
  6. Alterations to C&P.
  7. Alterations to Engineering? (they did ask us ages ago).
  8. A new ship (and if there is there will probably be variants).
  9. Powerplay update (please, do something!)
I think everyone is expecting some form of thargoid on-foot combat at the end of the Azimuth saga.
  • Confirmation on the longevity of pc horizons, whatever it is.
  • Confirmation of what they're working on next they can sell as a pdlc (being the most likely change they're going to make to anything).
  • Confirmation of future optimisations for Odd (as i still can't run the tutorial in a civil manner as of 2 days ago).

My honest to goodness hope is frontier have moved to a smaller pdlc model whatever it is otherwise how can we not be staring down maintenance mode actually?

See what happens.

(ps, check humble bundle and hedge your bets just in case? Theres still one day left on the x bundle.)
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Announcement that on foot Thargoids are planned (and won't require a completely separate upgrade/unlock cycle to fight them, but this is FD, so i won't hold my breath)

Forlorn hope, but i'd love some news about having out NPCs sitting in our spare seats in ship, perhaps with dialogue.

And please please please, get rid of notoriety, it does nothing to deter the gankers and greifers and is just an annoyance for PvEers. Oh, and let us Odyssey users use Interstellar Factors even if the bounty issuer is in system.
Personally I'd like to see the implementation of VR on foot, even if it's a "beta access" feature as had been suggested elsewhere in these forums, with options as to the level of control.

A technical roadmap, as opposed to an artistic roadmap.

Artistically, they can't tell us about thargoids on foot as they (hopefully) want this to develop organically. Equally, new ships, if brought in through plot elements, could be kept under wraps. ( They could state new ships coming though without spoiling any surprise).

But a technical roadmap would be really inspirational for people. It shows continued interest and development from FDev. Your list above seems to be all technical points so I support that. FDev may be cautious about committing to things because of the cost but that's exactly the commitment that people are looking for.

I have no hope, as I've been on this train way too long to expect anything but disappointment. "Hope deferred makes the heart sick..." ~ Proverbs 13:12

I still however maintain my curiosity, and enough interest in the game to at least tune in and see what's to be said. Someday, perhaps, I'll be pleasantly surprised! "...but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life."

THAT SAID, credit where credit is due - Frontier is communicating with us again, and that's nice to see!
Do you want my honest opinion? Frontier should get straight to the point and not beat around the bush, but I doubt that will happen. I'm more expecting: "Expect new content in 2022" but without saying a word about it. They're losing their player base because they're not able to be direct and realistic: "We're going to launch ship x during month y." Instead of honest communication let's hear more of the same, a handful of nothing. I hope I'm wrong but...
A good update on the account migration. Because many of us have had multiple accounts for a while, ideally I would like to see the ability to merge a console account with a PC account with either:
1 - Just the Arx
2 - Arx and purchases made through Arx
3 - The above + credit worth in the account

I don't expect merging data (engineers unlocked, modules, findings, etc) as while it is definitely possible, it would be a nightmare to merge.
Perhaps more important than what is announced on Wednesday, is whether Frontier continue to follow up with consistent communication so, here's my hope list:

1) New consistent on-going communications, that will last. Frontier: "No more comms blackouts, we promise!"
2) Console save transfer details (full asset transfer must be possible).
3) In-Game story with new in-game content is coming in next few months / weeks.
4) New space phenomena (comets, accretion discs, clouds on planets) (I can hope, right?)

First person to make this about my videos gets a dum-dum-cookie. (Please don't bring up my videos, and derail this thread - because I will not reply to you)
EDH is dead. No changes to EDH client code base, code base freeze applied. No work and no bug fixes...
Long live the EDO 4.1+ client only...

EDO client is the last version of ED to be released, last time you'll have to pay such a large fee for DLC...
EDO client will be updated regular every 2 months with brand-new content, but NOTHING from EDH will be altered, ever, insuring stabler code base...
EDO client to be forced to every PC user in update in about 4 months, but you will retain the fake HTML web launcher with the 3 fake buttons that still launch the EDO only client but with DLC access removed... per button if you did not pay for it...

The HTML launcher will be updated to remove the use of Internet Explorer 11 framework to a full stand alone HTML5 client shell with the removal of the old jjunk and the interface and design lay out transferring from website to the launcher...

Console transfer fee bundle required
Console account transfer to PC will be done. But unlike Epic games/bungie... frontier are not willing to pay the breaking of Live/PSN store exclusive user fees for the consoles users, An Asset transfer fee will be required to move from consoles to PC to pay this fee from the console platforms...
GeForce now discount for 3 months option available with nvidia for console users, with this fee to help the Slower devices run the steam version of the game for console users... EDO included in the transfer fee for a lower price...

3 pricing of transfers bundles..
Bundle A =Just the Account transfer...
Bundle B = Account transfer and GeForce now deal for 3 months
Bundle O = Account transfer, GeForce now deal and EDO Steam upgrade...
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I just want some consistent communication.

A lot of the livestreams are just needless filler that doesn't really interest me. Just some info about the game would be lovely. I want to know that I'm playing a game that will have support in the long run because, let's face it, if we're posting on the forums then we're here for the long haul.
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