Some QoL-Improvements

Very nice update, has fixed a lot of issues and has many Quality of Life improvements, especially for Sandbox.
Here are some more suggestions:

-Employees: The ability to choose multiple workers and "upgrade" them at the same time, and also the ability to synchronize the wages similar to prices of food. (Sending 100+ employees to training by hand is soo annoying.)

-UI: Pinning of Tooltips and windows would be very very nice! I don't like to reopen the info-screen of an animal 10 times. Would also make it easier to compare stuff.

-Defaulting the best food in Sandbox-mode would be a nice QoL-feature as well.

-Activists: Please make a button to replace all thrown trash bins. I can't find some of them and now I have a littering problem lol.

Thank you and keep it up!
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