Game Discussions Something is afoot at Fdev!

It's nothing to do with their existing games, they said.
Well until it's moved from the ED forums to an appropriate place. I will continue discussing it here on the ED forums. Like I posted earlier, I think it's been left on the ED forums for a reason. If that reason is for anything other than ED then it should be to the Off-topic forum.
Who says FD can't spin a narrative?

Anybody besides me notice the Elite coffee mug on the left of the first pic?
I noticed. I think people have put too much focus into the periphery. It's FD's lab so there are signs of FD products, elite mug, dinos, coaster park logo. No idea about the cactus. I think the clues are 80s style art and decor, the radioactivity elements, and probably the brewing vat (on it's contents, formerly in the jar). I'm not sure what the party supplies are about, maybe a hint to release date (New Year?).
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Day 2. All levels are reading as expected. Everything's going according to plan.
this has to be a clue too.
I actually thought this yesterday with the "something familiar" ..... But I'm probably wrong
To Elaborate ....
Day 1 - "Something familiar" - Old Biff in Back To The Future II, in 2015, sees 1985 Marty on a hoverboard and says "There's something awfully familiar about this"
Day 2 - "According to plan" - In The Dark Knight, Joker throws a lit cigar on a pile of money and says "it's all part of the plan".

Now, I admit, these references are tenuous .... like a certain upcoming feature in a Frontier Developments game ... and I am reaching here, but those were my first thoughts on seeing those words.

Also, about the cactus .... you can have a cactus on the dashboard of your ship in Elite Dangerous.
I was wondering where the hell my thread went!

Finally found it! Was not expecting it to be here.

The embryo is starting to take shape, we can almost distinguish a pair of eyes.

It still eludes me completely.

PS: someone should report on the working conditions of this lab. Its literally begging for an accident to happen! :oops:
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