In-Development Srv Survey

An independent tool that provides on-screen assistance when a player is near a planet in the SRV, on foot or in ships. It has 3 main functions:
  • Organic scans: Track the location of organic scans and the distance required for the next scan.
  • Ground target tracking: Aiming guidance towards latitude/longitude co-ordinates.
  • Guardian sites: Track visited areas and the locations of items within Guardian ruins and structures.
See usage details:

Code, builds and everything else:

Install via the Microsoft App store:





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I'm deep out in the black and just read about this mod... Tried it yesterday, and love it! Thank you. Now I'm wondering why FD don't build stuff like this into ED themselves?
Very cool tool. Is there any chance we could be able to copy and paste the System names in the Guardian Beacons and Structures list at some stage?
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