Starpoint Gemini 2 - new indie space sim RPG

Hi to u all,

Ill like to show u also the new space game im all hyped about... Starpoint Gemini 2

Its still in beta early access on steam, but i can i say it has grown on me. A nice space sim with RPG elements, upgrading your abilities, your ship/s (there is like 70 of them u can get) from gunners to big carrier class. A lot of stuff to do in a realy big universe that has no loading between sectors. U can trade, try some pirating, mining, or just usual "lats try to kill the one there ".

I hope ull like it as me :)
Just bought it few days ago, and already a new update v0.8

So its a big one, those it mean its coming out soon?

I see nice stuff like nebulas with lightning efects. Must say love the system with gathering blueprints to get superior weapons and to get special ships.

Great game idd
I bought SPG2 on early access back in alpha. The game was promising back then, and is fantastic now.

The developers are also some of the most open and community-driven that I have ever had the pleasure to interact with - almost everything suggested by the community throughout development has found its way into recent content releases.

Can't wait for the campaign to drop :)
Me 2, and i found out that the game is coming soon, in the next month :)

Waaana see how the story goes, cose the freespace is realy nicely done.

And ofc, after that what DLC and expansion will bring :S
For me the next big thing will be, if they put the Mercenaries in the game.
Where u can have your own fleet of ships, that would be really nice.
Mercenaries work as they should, it's fun, and they a re planning to increase the number of mercanaries you will be able to hire. The date is not set yet, but when it comes, it should slowly become a little formidable fleet. :)

I still play this, despite the fact that I have and enjoy Elite too. :)
SPG2 is on 50% off on Steam now. The price is good so if you wanted this, now it's a good time to get it. :)
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