Status on Gnosis-related Bugs

Possible bug with commodities required to help the Gnosis. Starport status is showing as Repairs completed for The Gnosis on Galnet and was that way from the start - this is a bit confusing. Also, the commodity market is as the same as yesterday. No great demand for medicines or other cargo spotted which is what we usually see when a station is attacked.

Edit - Screenshot of Galnet now included below:

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There is no CG currently planned involving the Gnosis during this time!
Any idea of how long the Gnosis will stay over there???

NOOO, don't tell, we (I) wanna be surprised...

UNCERTAINTY (of outcome) is one of the most important motivators and rewards in games. Imho.

Thank you!
My ticket went in first thing this morning, still not answered and at the detention centre.

I've just purchased Destiny 2 expansion.


I tried...
Where is the statement from DBOBE or at least a senior management position?

Apologies for this massive waste of time and for the utter incompetence is surely the least you can do?
To late for me, dead on the pad. I had to relog several times just to get off beacause failing services preventing launch.
I don’t think I can be ars*d with this game anymore.
Greetings Commanders.

We are aware of several issues affecting Commanders located at the Gnosis. The team are actively investigating and addressing these issues, so if you encounter any related to the Gnosis and the Thargoid attack, please report them here.


  • The Interceptors that were causing shutdowns and destruction have been moved further away from the Gnosis, addressing player complaints of being destroyed before leaving docking pads.
  • The Gnosis' controlling faction is no longer issuing fines for fighting within its No Fire zone. Commanders are urged to defend against the imminent alien threat. Be warned, shooting at the Gnosis will result in fines.
  • For those Commanders who have found themselves detained further away, please contact our support team who will be happy to move you back to the Gnosis, should you wish to be…
Thank you for your understanding!

Now everyone who went on mega baby fits cant calm down.
Here's an issue:

Even though the no-fire zone was removed. We can't deploy fighters near the Gnosis still. I have to go out about 8-10km to deploy.
Is there a replacement bus-service available too?I feel like i've been walking for hours.And somewhere to change my flimley points for whatever the local currency is?Great party,by the way.
Is there anything to be found in the current area of the megaship
Was chatting with couple of CMDRs and one said barnacle farms have been discovered on one of the planets except there's no mission to delivery mats like meta-alloys to help Gnosis and nearest station is like 1,000 ly away I think :(
No apology for the failure to actually test anything. Is everybody at Fdev working on franchise 4. Epic fail in a long line of epic fails.
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