T. Flight Hotas 4 help

This is my second Hotas, and unfortunately, I need an advice over it, since nowhere else to ask.

First Hotas I've had was Hotas X from same company, now I have Hotas 4.

Few weeks back I've unassembled the handle and greased it - read somewhere that if you feel the handle 'squeeks' and moves hard you would need to grease it all inside. Managed to do that quite easily - but was having the fun time with putting some little metal clip back, until I figured out how it's supposed to be attached.

Unfortunately, now I have a trouble with main button, fire button 1 - it presses, but seems like doesn't contact properly all the time. In order for that to work I need to press it with powerfull press, which is not correct, besides it doesn't guarantee 100% contact, so something is clearly wrong there.

I unassembled the handle few more times, but wasn't able to locate the problem. Everything is fine there, at least from my point of view.

Besides, handle developed a strange habit over last weeks (is not connected to unassembly) - it can position itself a little bit to the upper side. Hard to explain this, but if I leave handle centered, sometimes it's perfectly in a center and sometimes it stays a little above it - so ship constantly turning down.

This is VERY annoying I honestly don't know what to do. I downloaded Thrustmaster alignment software, but that doesn't help, since it seems it's some kind of mechanical glitch.


So in short:

1) Any advice on 2 above problems? Can it be fixed or it's just a 'quality' issue with this brand/product?

2) Any advice on the best HOTAS for ED? I'm seriously tired of fiddling with this, can't enjoy a game at all. X52/X56 out of question - reviews speak for themselves. Hotas ONE - which is a same thing as this one, I am just too afraid it will be the same or similar issues after weeks of use.

3) I, honestly speaking, LOVE thruster part of hotas on T.Flight (left part) - because it has 'centered' feature. Any other hotas has centered thurster? In theory I could save this hotas and just buy a good joystick, and use joystick with T.Flight thruster, but not sure how good it will be to use with unassembled hotas with Joystick part hanging somewhere.

At some point in the past I tried 1600 hotas, liked the joystick but was stunned with ugly thruster and returned it back.

Any opinion/advice? Please.

Hori is releasing a new HOTAS for Ace combat. Look into that. It's new so no one knows if it's better. Hori had previously made one for earlier consoles and that one was good.
Keep the throttle from the HOTAS 4, cut the wire or otherwise separate the joystick from the throttle and buy a T.16000M. For the price bracket, it's leagues better than any other stick. IMO, in terms of quality, you're looking at $300 to get a better stick.
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