Tapirs mentioned?

I'm not 100% convinced they didn't mix up the tapir with the warthog or something. That being said, I'd be surprised if we didn't get a tapir.
I don't know I think magazines got a permission to reveal some stuff? IGN revealed indian rhino officialy, but also indian elephant and okapi just we have to see the yet in the game. PC gamer on the other side revealed tapirs. Honestly it make sense to me. I don't think they mistaken this, this was silent new animal reveal.
Can we see somewhere that list? I mean I don't care if I know every specie or not, my hype for the game could be just bigger and bigger when game is phenomenal like this.
I don't know if I'm allowed here this to say but PC Gamer released another interesting article where they mentioned south american specie of tapir and pronghorns. And soon after that the article get deleted. Maybe they shouldn't mention pronghorns?
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Tapirs seem likely, as I don't believe anyone would confuse a Tapir with a warthog, but yet, I wouldn't be surprised if they did mix the two up, and people call chimps monkeys.
Exactly!~ xD Streamers had a different version, the public had a slightly different version and I guess the completely private ones that had devs alongside them had quite a few different versions?
I think the press had the same version as other press members, which would be the most current build of the game I believe, while the streamers have a streamers build, and the public had a build with a tutorial and timer in it.
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