Telepresence - Lore Friendly Alternative Method? (I wish FDevs would consider this or similar)

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Eliminate the anti-LORE "Telepresence Method":
Proposal for a safe Lore-Friendly alternative method for "Hired Fighter Crew":

I thought that "Telepresence" was not a part of ED LORE, but I think the developers don't want the emotional problems of hired NPC crew members dying at the hands of all of us negligent commanders :)
My proposal is as follows...

1. When you hire crew members they actually come on board your ship and stay in a new updated fighter-bay which now incorporates a small room with bunk-beds, food & drink.
The bay also has a 'fighter control booth' from which the pilots establish a remote-control link with the ship launched fighter that is prepared and launched.
So when a fighter craft is lost the pilot is still safe onboard your ship unharmed.

2. If your ship is about to be destroyed then COVAS will inform you that "Your crew members have all safely ejected, commander!", just before COVAS tells you to "Eject, eject!"

3. When you re-spawn at whatever base port or prison you end up, you immediately get a comms message from each of your crew members telling you that they were safely rescued by a passing "Local Authorites" ship and that they were dropped off at the nearest station port to where they ejected.

4. When you go to recruit crew again, then you will be shown all the old crew members and given the chance to rehire them, all together, or one at time, along with a fresh choice of new pilots in case you want an all new crew lineup.
If you rehire any old crew members you will have to pay for them to be transferred to your current port location if their port location is not the same as where you re-spawned/or where you currently are.

Do you agree?

I love Elite Dangerous, and where the LORE and game immersivity is concerned this could help.
As far as ED LORE is concerned, I think (and hope) there could be "operational problems" with "Telepresence" thus necessitating the need for a new more reliable way of remote control piloting ship launched fighters (something similar to the above), whilst NPC hired pilot crew safety is preserved :)

What do you think?
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