Thargoids Missing Again... Fast Combat Rank?

I know that previously the best way to earn Combat XP was killing Thargoid Scouts. Well those disappeared again, and I wondered if there might be a second-best option for earning XP or possibly even a better one? I'm not looking to hit Elite in a day, I'm not greedy. But it would be nice to rank as Dangerous to unlock Lori Jameson, in a reasonable amount of time. Because right now I'm stuck on Expert and I feel like I'm barely crawling toward the next rank. I also realize this is a fairly common question, but the answers I see online date back at least a year.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I passed through a system about 20ly from Lembass in the direction of Barnard's Loop less than 48 hours ago, it was infested, nonhuman signals everywhere. They've been pushed out of Witch Head nebula but they appear to be regrouping or prepping a staging area not far from it.
Xeno killing isn't my profession so I don't know if there is any meaning to that or if it's any help to you. Just reporting what I saw passing through.
The only difference is that in ax combat zones you get scouts on unlimited settings. When you visit the non human signal sources (nhss) you get a limited number of kiils. So time wise axcz are superiour.
I assume that by axcz you mean Thargoid combat zones. But there ain't any. LOL Oh well, I'll just hang out in a HazRes site for now.
Fit all AX multicannons (max 4), as big as you can get. Drop into nhss4, kill 4 scout (occasionally more), repeat👍
CNB or something may be better but if it is sprouts you are after thats the best way currently to grind rank imo

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