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Fantastic little ship is the Adder. I have mine set up as a small load smuggler. Plenty nimble and decent weapons coupled with pretty good cargo space.

Looks like someone played with the colors on photoshop or something. I stumbled across it online.
No, you can actually paint your ship however your like by editing the texture map files.
Other people in game will see it as a default paintjob, but it's great for personal feeling and selfies. :)
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No, you can actually paint your ship however your like by editing the texture map files.
Other people in game will see it as a default paintjob, but it's great for personal feeling and selfies. :)
Oh nice. I knew some people had done this to turn Anacondas white before their paint packs were released, I didn't know you could get down to this much detail though. Awesome. I'll have to figure out how to put this "paint" on my adder then!
I haven't flown her in a while but I do love my Adder I call Baby Asher. I actually bought her after my my Cobra MK III to have a second multipurpose ship. Took her exploring just out side the bubble once but didn't make it that far after a bit of a bad crash in a ring system.

She the only ship I've still gotta buy a skin pack for in my fleet. I'll do that when I finally take re to the edge of the galaxy.

I have some older screenshots of her but the quality is poor since it was at a time I didn't have a GPU in my rig.

View attachment 108021

View attachment 108023

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View attachment 108025
A glorious little ship I will always have a soft spot for. A brilliant engine noise, nice cargo capacity (for a small ship that is), incredible jump range (only beaten it so far with my Asp explorer) shame about the off-centre pilot view, but nothing is perfect.

All in all a ship that i do look forward to using again and again.

Long live the Adder!
She's a ship I have very sadly never used. I skipped straight to the Cobra and missed this gem. I need to try one when I get back home from DW.
On one profile, I made Elite in exploration thanks to the Adder.

Then I made Elite in trade thanks to her.

I basically mined til I got the scanners, went out in the black, learned about rare trading and smuggling (pre 1.4) and yep.

She's an excellent "be with you til thr day you die"

Not much more needs to be said than that. She's an excellent ship for core-ward exploration, and can easily smuggle without getting you into trouble.

Let alone the "upkeep" costs lol.

I even fly her in open. Twin small beams can hit hard and she's quite agile. That, and medium torpedoes or a PA and she can handle herself.

Now with the rumored upgraded class 3 thrusters, she'll be even better!
I've actually just bought myself one of these as I'm getting kinda fed up of just flying my cobra mk III (even though it does literally everything I want to do)

So I jumped in a found the view a bit confusing at first being right hand drive but after about 5 mins I like it as we drive on the correct side of the road here in Australia so it didn't take much to get used to after the initial confusion from coming from a CMKIII. Now looking at some of the different builds for this I might have to take a couple of them and build them up for various activities as they are all so cheap anyways!!!!
My Adder is black and called "Edmund". Yes. Well. It is.

On the interior the Adder looks really like a Star Trek Shuttle. All it needs is an LCARS panel on the wall and you're in a whole other universe!
The Adder is a fine little lady.

A little lady that carried me to Sag A* and back!
Could never get rid of her after that.
Even though my main ship is a Clipper, i still take the ol' Adder out for a spin every once in a while.
I remember having adder after my starter sidey, but not for long.
I actually loved the cockpit. Yes, view isn't great. But it feels cozy, feels like home :) It has this "hunk of junk" vibe. It'll take you to hell and back.
I've been swanning around in an Adder for months on my 2nd account. A rated I still get a decent jump range. If I strip it down to explorer build I'm not far off 40ly with engineers.

I have enough to buy and kit an Asp, but I'll be sticking with Juliette until the Dolphin arrives. At that point I'll be piling as much armour and shields as I can and loading for bear :D
One of my all time favourites.
I have one fully engineered, it has a SRV, an advanced discovery scanner, detailed surface scanner and a frameshift wake scanner. Also those enhanced thrusters.
Definitely a nice ship, I use it on a daily basis as a multifunction taxi and reconnaissance vessel.
As I move around I pick up various materials and data.
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