The BIT-D reports its first large scale success and opens its doors to new members

Brosnatch Imperial Transportation Department

A short-lasting conflict between the Caledo Network and the Caledo Progressive Party had come to an end, and workers across the Imperial star system of Caledo were just beginning with repairs when a new threat hit the already weakened system. Reports of an unknown disease spreading aboard several of Caledo's stations were issued by the dominant local faction, the Hayimshis Noblement, the cause of which was quickly discovered by science crews across different stations. The newborn plague, still lacking an official name, was found to be a particularly aggressive strain of mucormycosis, a fungal infection that invades host bodies by spreading in and around the host's blood vessels.

Relatively susceptible to basic medicines common across colonized space, the rapidly spreading disease's symptoms could be contained for several days until supplies began to run dry and the affected stations, the most densely populated of them being Brosnatch Station, began to broadcast emergency requests for sympathetic cargo ship commanders to deliver different kinds of medicines to the system.

It didn't take long for the first responders to arrive - commanders from all corners of the core systems, some of them with profit in mind, others focusing solely on the victims, but all of them with the same goal of delivering medicine to Brosnatch Station and other affected settlements.
Travelling back and forth between Caledo and its surrounding systems, these commanders began to fly in small teams and shared knowledge about the most efficient transport routes, forming a loose union known initially as the Brosnatch Station Medical Transport Group.

With a steady influx of more and more commanders coming to help contain the outbreak, the group began to grow larger and their efforts became more coordinated, until eventually, its members agreed to establish a permanent coalition of traders now known as the Brosnatch Imperial Transportation Department. Days and nights of constant supply runs and thousands of tons of medicine later, scientists had made their first breakthroughs working on a procedure to extract the parasitic funghi, while the victims were being kept alive by the delivered medical supplies. Eventually, the procedure was deemed ready to be performed on the first infected patients, and within a matter of days, the mucormycosis outbreak was finally wiped out. The BIT-D recorded its first large-scale success that day.

Now that our home station is orbiting Caledo A in relative safety again, we have decided to reach out to more pilots looking to keep Brosnatch Station and its surrounding stations and systems protected.
All CMDRs interested in joining the BIT-D are welcome to hop in our official Discord server, no matter if you're Imperial or not. The BIT-D server makes it easier to create wings, coordinate missions, organize events, share trade routes, and do other things to aid in BIT-D's goal of ensuring safety and health for Brosnatch and its area.
And of course, it provides a reasonably sized gaming community to share your Elite experiences with.

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